Traveling to Bali are synonymous with white sand beaches. One of the tourists attraction is Kuta Beach. I’m sure that it is not coincidence that you found this information because you are trying to find information about holiday places in Bali, especially in Kuta area. You will find the guide information about Kuta such as histories, tourist attractions, travelers activities, locations, transportation choices, entrance tickets and the tourism facilities of Kuta Beach.

Kuta beach is located in the southern of the godly island, with the seascapes of Indian ocean. Besides that, the tourist attraction of Kuta Beach is one of the interesting place in Bali that become the main destination of guests traveling to Bali. This white sand is very popular and it became the pledge of Bali island, since the 70’s. The tourist attraction of Kuta Bali especially the beaches until this day, still becoming the main attraction for those who are visiting Bali. Particularly, the young tourists that came from Australia and Indonesia.

Before it was being famous as a tourist beach, this area were use to be a traditional fishing village. But now, it has turned into a meeting for tourists place for people from various countries. Apart from that, Kuta beach was also used to be a trading port and many traders from outside Bali carried out the trade transactions here. In the 19th century a trader from Denmark named Mads Lange established a trading place near the Kuta Beach area, because of his skills in trade transactions and negotiations, he became famous among the Balinese kings.

Previously, Kuta beach was from the habitat of the green sea turtles, and there are many people that does not know about this history till now. The green sea turtles were almost vanished and because of that, it became one of the sea animals that are protected by the Indonesian government. The conventional of the sea turtle has been removed to several places. One of it is at Tanjung Benoa.

What is the distinction of Kuta Beach? For you who never been to Kuta Beach, this question will appear before you decided to visit this place. As one of the tourist attraction in Bali island, Kuta beach is the heart of tourism this island. Kuta beach is the most popular vacation place and a crowded beach are visited by many people.

The coastline of Kuta beach has the exposition 2,5 kilometers far, it is said that this is the best coastline in Bali. Then stretch of the coastline is very declivous and the shoreline is huge with the texture smooth white sand. In the northern side of Kuta beach bordering Legian beach. Whereas at the south side, it is bordering with Tuban and Kelan beach. Along the Kuta beach coastline beach, visitors will get easier to find shopping malls, hotels, restaurants and bars.

Kuta beach is a safe place for a holiday destination, good for family trip with bringing their children or for those who are in the moment of celebrating their honeymoon. Besides that, Kuta beach is quite awake because the area of the beach is managed by the traditional villagers in Kuta. Because of that, the coastline overlay is very long, but it is always filled with many tourists.

Because Kuta beach has big waves, so it would be very suitable to be a surfing activities location. Because of that, there are many surfers from countries all over the world choose Kuta Bali as the surfing location in the godly island. For the beginners surfers, you don’t have to be worried to not to bring your surfing board, because along the beach, there will be many rental surf boards places with a various price, depends the sizes and the material qualities. The average price of renting the surf board is about IDR 150,000 with the duration time for two hours. If you want to learn how to surf in Kuta beach, you will be accompanied by the experienced surfing coach that will help you to break the waves.

If Sanur beach has more appropriate location to see the sun rise, then it is different with Kuta beach that is more suitable to the sun set sceneries. Most of the Indonesian tourists that are spending their holiday in Kuta, will stroll around the beach. Before the sun goes down, there will be many people finding comfortable place to sit at the b each’s boarders while enjoying the fresh cold drinks.

In the late afternoon, those who are staying around Kuta beach, usually, will stroll around the beach just to have a sunbathing while enjoying the sunset. If the weather is sunny, the sun will set about 18.00 PM. The small food and drinks traders are also competed with the restaurants around the beach. There are many cold drinks sellers in Kuta beach. In addition, they will provide you seats that you can use without additional payments if you buy their selling products.

If you are in the area of Kuta beach, you will be seeing several local women walking around offering their massage services. They are tired walking along the beach, but they are waiting for you to visit their place. They will come to your sitting place whenever you call them and they armed a mat at the beach chair, then they will use the mixed salt and coconut oil which cost IDR 75,000/hour. Surfers always become their customers with these ladies’ massage service.

Apart from being a tourists holiday destination, this area is also often used as a shooting location for young and adults television series in Indonesia. Local kids that lives around the beach usually get involved in this activity as the supporting role. Unfortunately, taking pictures are often disrupted because of the visitors.

Furthermore, Kuta beach area is located in the southern Bali which is part of Badung regency area. Then on the north side is the Legian area and Tuban area on the south side. If you are depart from Ngurah Rai International airport by two wheels vehicles or four wheels vehicle, it will take you about 15 minutes to reach this destination. However, if the traffic jam occurs in the roadway, then the duration time will take longer. The location of Kuta beach is strategic which makes this place never emptied. If you follow the coastline area towards the north, you will find the location of Legian beach then Seminyak beach.

It is easy to have an access towards the beach going by rental motorcycles, online motorcycle taxies or even using by your own motorbike. You can use motorbike and cars. But if you are using the tourism bus, then the bus should park in the central park Kuta parking area. Later, from Kuta Central Park, the passengers will take the shuttle bus to Kuta beach.

The areal parking at the side of the road in Kuta beach has limited space. Because of that, if you want to use the car when visiting this place, it is best to use the rental car services. Besides that, to avoid the bad traffic jam in this areas, during the new year celebration, the traditional village government of Kuta will close the road for tourist’s vehicles towards the beach. So, you will need to walk to the beach.

For those who have not been visiting to Kuta beach, for sure, you will! Is there any ticket fees to be able to enter this tourist attraction area? Most of the tourist attractions in Bali will impose the entrance ticket to the visitors. But, to go to Kuta beach, there are no fees to be paid. You just need to pay the parking charges. For the car parking payment, the price cost is IDR 5,000 and IDR 2,000 for the motorcycles.