In order to prepare for the art exhibition titled “Surya Segara Rupa” that will be designated on Thursday, 16 November 2023. Santrian Art Gallery is collaborating with the Institute of Indonesia Art (ISI) in Denpasar conducted with the press conference at Griya Santrian, Sanur.

This exhibition is at the international level which displays 34 art results of famous artists, 28 among them are from the Institute Pure Art or Institute Seni Murni from Indonesian Art University in Denpasar. There are also five national artists and six international artists that will amaze your eyes!

It was explained from Dollar Astawa that the opening of this Art Gallery was held on the 17th November 2023 until 31 December 2023. “Before the grand opening, this art gallery started with painting together with the lecturers at the beach, then it will be put on seminar agenda, workshop or in the painting demonstration at Sanur Beach; the performance of fine arts and music.” said the ISI lecturer.

He mentioned that there are 34 participants that joined this art exhibition with them showing each one kind of their art paintings. One of the artist that came from Bali, Dr. I Wayan Sujana Suklu, when he was being interviewed by several medias, claimed that he was very pleased to be part of this exhibition and contributed in this exhibition this time. He showed the art painting entitled “Ninth Dimension” that was displayed in Art Gallery Santrian room, had the measurement of 130×130 centimeters.

“This painting is presented for my intuition about dementia nine. My imagination about the nine dementia is that I met the spiritual characters like Buddha, Jesus, and others.” said him as one of the artist that is also one of this ISI lecturer. According to him, as if he is communicating in the image of the spiritual figures that relates to the the culture, he then created the same image in the middle of the painting that was dominated with blue color.

Further more, he cited that the young artist now has been progressive and remained to serve the themes with its globally concept and artistic themes. “In the contextual understanding there are connections with the politics, anthropologist, psychologist, and sociologist. So, it is just not about the artistical that will not just be useful for psychologist and also to sociologist. ” said him. He imitated that arts are not just representing the craftiness, but it is how to be useful which can be given with the deep outlook towards the science outside the knack.

I Wayan Karja as the activity coordination explained that the “Surya Segara Rupa” theme constituted as the tribute towards the nature according to the Balinese culture. This art exhibition is being initiated by the program of ISI Pure Art Study Program that has a significant meaning with the big theme background that was designed by the government at the Balinese festival last 2023.

“Solar is the sun that is considered as the symbol of life, warmth and energy. Meanwhile, “Segara” is an ocean that interpreted with abundance, mysterious, and the unlimited nature beauties. The appearance itself was interpreted as the shape or formed that refers to the appearance or visual expression from the visual thought.” he explained. He appended that theme described the effort to honor and dig up more about how the sun, ocean, and the nature generally affected the Balinese art and its culture. “The art exhibition at this Santrian Art Gallery convoyed an important message about the preservation public natural resources and the honor to the sun, the sea, ritual and the spiritualities.” He concluded.