Padang Galak is known as a place in Sanur that has many beaches and several vacation places to visit. This territory is known as an educational place for kids to learn about crafts; one of the most favorite to visit is name The Big Garden Corner. The location is located on the west side traffic light of Padang Galak-Waribang, By Pass Ngurah Rai, Sanur, east Denpasar. It is not just about the religious popularity, but there are also fun place that you can visit, like The Big Garden Coner. 

In this area, there are many unique statues that were made from the scarps, like bottles, plastics and other cycling trashes. There are no hesitation visiting this place, because they have provided you many spots for taking pictures. This place is not just for the youths, but they are welcome for everyone with the different tickets of course. 

When entering the garden, you will need to pay the ticket at the ticket station. For the adultery and kids one year above ticket price is in the amount of IDR 30,000. While going around the garden, you will also see a restaurant where you can enjoy the culinary too! 

At the restaurant, they have provided you many delicious food which will make you feel satisfy and addicted to visit this area. There are several favorite menu that many people recently order here, in this small restaurant like a portion of a fried duck cost IDR 65,000, chicken betutu with the price IDR 55,000 and fried rice IDR 45,000.

Another local menu that they have such as fried noodles and grilled chicken cost IDR 45,000, a portion cap cay IDR 42,000, fried chicken IDR 32,000 and black pepper chicken for IDR 42,000. If you want to add some sauce on your orders, the restaurant has also provided you some tasty sauce which will make your dishes taste much better. With the taste of marlin dabu-dabu sauce that has an expensive price with the average price IDR 75,000 is good for your fried chicken, or you may also order butter fish chili sauce mixed with lemon butter fish priced IDR 75,000, a portion of zinc barrel beef with the cost IDR 52,000, vegetarian food for IDR 35,000 and hoisin shrimp with the price IDR 53,000. 

After trying the delicious foods, you can also order the fresh drinks with a cheap price like gardenia fruit ice which cost for IDR 27,000, ice durian priced IDR 35,000 and green squash for IDR 27,000. Mango slang juice for IDR 35,000, blue mountain which cost for IDR 27,000, a fresh summer sunset with the price IDR 27,000 and a pink snow priced IDR 30,000.

The Big Garden Corner has a complete facilities whereas they can enjoy their holidays by using the facilitators. Besides eating at the restaurant and have a small tour around the unique craft creations, you can also have a rest at the colorful gazebos. Around the gazebos you can also register a swimming ticket for you and your children. So, while you are waiting, you can enjoy the sensation of the clean garden with delicious food that you may order from the restaurant. With the wonderful homey sensation, you don’t need to hesitate, because it has a huge parking area for the comers to park their vehicles. 

This place has a long operational time. From Monday till Sunday the operational time starts to open at 09.00 AM and closes at 21.00 PM. So, you have enough time to decide what time would you like to come and explore the entertainment venues over there with your friends, family and your beloved ones. 

Every tourist attraction has its own unique as well as the attractiveness that makes different than other places. So does Big Corner Garden has its own beauty which makes many tourist to visit this area! 

Besides restaurants and the swimming pool, there are more fun things that we could do which can also become the attractiveness of the travelling attraction. If you go inside the garden, behind the bushes, there is Candi Borobudur miniature has five meters of height. So you need to be patient standing in the long line, because many people curious about it and they like to take pictures also. 

Inside this arena, there are many stone fracture starting from the smallest to the biggest art stones. However, there are more big stones especially the Buddha statue. Many art crafts and series of statues that were built by the architect where it is the result from the export that were being traded. Because of that, most of it are new looking.

If you bring your children along, you can take them to the Pikachu Day Out. It is a special event every Sunday that you and your kids might like to visit around the garden because it has fun events. At the Pikachu Day Out, you can go up on the colorful roof that has the best place to take pictures together with your friends or your family. If you have a plan to have pre-wedding session, it will charge you IDR 200,000, also a place for wedding receptions with the capacity of 500 until 1000 people. 

If you like to sit around while taking selfies, here, they have provided you a colorful area to hangout together with them. The spot at that garden is very diverse especially when they added a bench, colorful bean bag, wood tables and hanging umbrellas. Not only the items that they usually put on display, but also there is a cross shape tree trunk. We could only find this thing in this place because this kind of tree is rare, for sure we couldn’t find it anywhere unless it is at the jungle! The price of this kind of branch is classified as the most expensive one with its special intensive treatments. 

The last thing that we could visit in this arena is visiting the mini tree house. This unique tree house has a straw roof with wood based material, which will make you feel relaxed while enjoying the breezy wind. Something unexpected that will make you shock, because inside the tree house there is a monkey statues. You may also take pictures around the tree house!