Gianyar has the potential of education center where there are many people come to visit and learn many things that they can get. In this residence, the government have prepared many tourists attractions. Not just about the educational centers, but there are museums that you and your kids can visit. Gianyar is known as the art destination, because most of the Balinese gave this areal by calling it as an art earth. The land of Gianyar is the district that has the most museums in Bali. Every art forms in this region is famous with a slogan called “Dharma Raksata.” As it has become a place to develop the art world, this territory has many art museums.

One of the most popular museum is Antonio Blanco Museum. Inside this museum, it shows you a full naked body from a Balinese woman that became a paint model. This beautiful painting was created by Mario Antonio Blanco, a maestro painter from the Philippines. Mario Antonio is a Spain citizen that lived his whole in Manila. Since he was five years old, he showed his art language and philology. He is able to speak five languages one at a time; Indonesia, France, Spain, Tagalog and Balinese languange.

 The art that he made was identic from that naked woman named Ni Rondji, a Balinese dancer that have successfully enticed him to be her life partner. Back in his old life time in a process of becoming a famous painter, he painted different kind of her body shape. Thus, in 1952, Blanco decided to stay in Bali The museum of Blanco Renaissance is a manifestation artworks of him. His desire to have a museum is almost materialized when the king of Ubud gave him a land in Campuhan, to build his house all in once with the painting studio.

On the following year, Blanco marry to a Balinese dancer. He lived his life in Bali with his painting where his artworks was to be destined for the museum that he had prepared for a long time. But sadly, before the inauguration opened, Antonio Blanco first died in 1999 at Denpasar because of heart diseases.

The museum that they started to built on December 28 1998 was named “The Blanco Renaissance Museum” has more than 300 Antonio Blanco’s work. There are many appreciation that he got during his lifetime. The award that he received came from President Soekarno and President Soeharto. Moreover, Blanco also got his achievement award from the king of Cambodia, Michael Jackson and the kings of Spain.

The museum that is located in Ubud has its attractiveness enjoyable for those who are visiting this place. In general, Blanco Museum has its differentiate building structure, Blanco’s Museum consisted from two floor that contain many rooms with its different functions.

In the museum, there is a painting showing him and his born son. Several painting tools like paint, canvas, and paintbrush and was arranged neatly inside. Then, there is also a library filled with books about art and cultures. This existence is showing about the direct interest and his personality. There, there is also several books as the exchange result from some world’s museum. The next special room is Erotic Room. A room to reserved  for the age of seventeen above is inspired from his wife and visualized many body curve of a woman.

The building of Blanco Renaissance, is an exotic museum with a mixed architecture of Bali and Spain. When entering the museum area, visitors will be greeted by a tall gateway that esteemed inspired from the signature of the world’s painter, Don Antonio Blanco.

It is located upon Campuhan Hill, the ambient air around the museum feels mild. The greenish expanse was decorated in the large yard, with several beautiful birds that they maintained for the photography areal.

Blanco Renaissance Museum has prepared some facilities that we may use while visiting. Besides, the public toilet, there is also a place for praying. A restaurant all once with a cafe that has elegant as well as the delicious menu that is located beside the museum. The menu that they serve is a typical food from the combination of Bali and Europe. Around the museum, there is also souvenir store that you might like to buy. If you are not interest buying the souvenir, you can buy a biography book of Antonio Blanco with the price that fairly cheap for the size of world artists.

Every tourists that is visiting the museum of Blanco needs to pay the ticket in the amount of IDR 30,000 for the domestic visitors and 100,000 for the westerns. If you are visiting the museum with your rental vehicles, they will also charge you a parking ticket IDR 15,000 for a car and 10,000 for a motorcycle. Visitors may also order the ticket through online, if you don’t want to wait in the long queue.

The operational time opens at 09.00 AM and closes at 17.00 PM. Usually, the museum is crowded during at the midday, starting from 12.00 to 15.00. If you don’t like to be in the crowd, the best time for you to visit the museum is around 10.30.