Many people have the desire to explore Bali as the cognomen “The Paradise Island.” The island of many gods has the potential of living a life with a cheap prices and thousands access to many destination options. Having a peaceful life in Bali has become the desire of many people especially you who love to take time to refresh your mind and soul.

As you have notice that Bali is one the province in Indonesia that born with natures, customs and cultures that united them as local and international tourism. Most of the travelers asked about the opinion to live and stay in this island. For westerns, before you decide to live in Bali, first, you need to prepare visiting visa incase something happens in your immigration process.

Certainly, the cost of a living place or a house in Bali is variant. The estimation price for the rate starts from IDR 500,000 to 1,000,000 or even more. It is depends on the place you choose to live. For those who is much flexible to stay in a villa, there is also rates according to which you have chosen. The estimate price to stay in a villa is about IDR 5,000,000 to 10,000,000.

The daily basic needs that you need to calculate is also matters to your economic system while living in Bali so do with the cost of eating in Bali. Each person has their own portion of eating, for sure with different prices. One of the Balinese assumed that those who are still single has much cheaper living cost than those who have lived with their family. You can eat three time a day by only spending your amount of money IDR 45,000. So, if you calculate it with 30 days, you will only spend your money for about IDR 1,000,000.

Transportation is also need to be calculated in your planner. If you are asking, is there any public transportation in Bali? The public transportation in Bali is fairly rare. Absolutely, it is different than the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. People in Bali is much more interested to have their own vehicles, especially having motorcycles. Because travelling in Bali does not take a long time travel, the budget of the transportation there is cheaper compare to other big cities.

The local people claimed that with driving their own vehicles would take them only two to three hours on the road to reach their destination from the southern of Bali to east. If you are still asking about the amount of the rental transportation, especially renting the motorcycles, the cost of renting a motorbike in Bali is estimated from IDR 600,000 up to 1,500,000 per month.

The lifestyle of someone will determine the cost of their expenses. Each one of us has our own standard of living, so do with you who love to travel around Indonesia. If you are want to save money to be able to survive somewhere around Indonesia like in Bali, there are traditional markets that has low price rather than spending your money eating at a fancy restaurants or going around the mall.

While traveling in the paradise island, you also need to be aware that exploring the nature of Bali or going to other entertainment area will also cut many amount of your budget. At least you have a spare of money about IDR 300,000 for visiting the simple entertainment like museums and educational centers or even more hidden gems places!

During your vacation in Bali, you can also feel the sensation of living one day in the darkness where there no lights. This typical Balinese tradition is call “Nyepi” which means from two words, quiet and silent. In that day, the Hindu people are not allowed to do their activities outside the house. The New Year of Saka is the Hindu New Year where they celebrate it every year.

The history of the silent feast day in Bali starts from the creator of the universe until the dissemination of the Hinduism by the Indians that promulgated them about the religion tolerance. According to the belief of the Hindu religion, this universe was empty and dark; there nothing inside it. Then, after all, there was a grain that was created in the Hiranyagarbha first magical seed from all over the universe that is also called as Mahadivya.

Basically, the celebration of Nyepi is how people learn to contemplate their doing and the behavior that they did throughout the year, especially the bad attitude. The atmosphere of Nyepi celebration that is really lonesome forms the best moment to control ourselves, restrain our lusts and cause to emerge the holiness inside our heart.

Celebrating Nyepi outrights releasing the greedy act in human life and teaching them to give with sincere and genuine heart. After running the celebration of Nyepi, the Hindu people are welcoming the Saka new year with a peaceful soul, and forgave their own wrongs or other people’s mistakes.

Still reposted from the same source, the purpose of Nyepi Day can be seen from two aspects, including: The socio-culture aspects, religious aspects, the main ceremony of Nyepi, Melasti ceremony; two or three days before the day of Nyepi, the ceremony of Melasti is about how the Hindus are purifying themselves. In this ceremony, all the prayer materials are being arrack to the place that contains water like oceans, lakes or rivers, because those places are the main water source that is consider as tirta amerta or in another word means holy.

Two other ceremonies are all contains to the ogoh-ogoh which is the statues that were built from bamboos, the process of making those giant statues took weeks or months which the Balinese majorities will arrack them starting from six in the evening until twelve at night. This ceremonies is carried out throughout Bali!

The facts of Nyepi has each own meaning where we can also learn from their traditions that has a very strong rituals. In the series of Nyepi Day ceremonies, one of the main attraction is the ogoh-ogoh celebration. At this celebration, the whole communities are welcome to watch, not just the Hindus. Therefore, usually the ogoh-ogoh will be filled by with many people.

Some of the uniqueness of the ogoh-ogoh celebration as quoted in the entitled journal “Ogoh-Ogoh Ceremonial Tradition that was written by Syamsudin Alfattah are all included such as the signification of the purpose of Ogoh-Ogoh, the workmanship of the Ogoh-Ogoh, the derivation and the manufacturing costs itself.