Indonesia was colonized by the Dutch, where they were invaded the country and made it as the historical legacy. The Dutch government was authorized to take in charge of Indonesia and take over it’s rule. In the colonialism era, they planned to build a place to live at a long term, so they took over one of the hotel in Denpasar that were built before the invaders come.

In the center of Denpasar city, there is a hotel that became tourists attractions whenever they visit Denpasar. The first hotel that was built in 1927 was named Bali Hotel. This hotel had exchanged its maintenance because the Dutch came with the boat crews to have a long term stay. Since the Dutch came to Bali, they changed the hotel name and named it as Grand Inna Heritage. This legacy has became as the witness of Indonesia liberty that made Bali as the heaven of tourism area.

At the 20 centuries, this place once had become a living place as the place to stopover for the world’s leaders. In the room row of deluxe, on the east side of Veteran Street, there are several world’s leaders ever stayed in this legend hotel like, the queen of Elisabeth, Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Soekarno, Soeharto when he was still being the commander of Costrad and Megawati until the seventh Indonesia president, Joko Widodo.

Grand Inna Heritage is one of three star hotel that has economic system yet luxurious, with no luxury and antique legacy. Through the tourism, Denpasar government is in the middle of promoting the meeting tour, intensive, convention and exhibitions. Various of rooms that you can use for conferences, banquet or restaurants and also wedding parties. There are several room that can fit 30 to 300 people such as Laksmi, Parwati, Gayatri, Puri Agung and Saraswati room that has small capacity which will load maximum 30 people, but there is also room with big capacity that can reach 300 people name Puri Agung room.

This luxurious hotel has served many western and domestic tourists, with that, Grand Inna Heritage will serve you with a very cheap price for staying over night. The hotel has provided you the cheapest price, starting from IDR 175,165/night! The first hotel that has the most cheapest cost, have also provided you more facilities such as restaurants, outdoor swimming pool, a large parking areas, 24 hours receptionist and free internet connection.

The layout of the room was maintained since the Dutch eras until now. The total room of Grand Inna Heritage is 76 rooms, even though they made the room number till 77 and room number 13 was abolished. This hotel is located in the heart of Denpasar city, that is also located near with the central government, business and entertainment places. To be at this area, it will take you 20 minutes from the airport and 10 minutes from Sanur.

Travelers can just have a walk to see the objects of the historical of Denpasar city starting from the monument of Puputan Badung, museum Bali, Pura Jagadnatha Gajah Mada shopping complex, Kumbasari and Badung market.