Denpasar is in increasing the tourism and also targeting the ecotourism sector. One of the ecotourism that is located in Ahmad Yani Street, Pegungayan village, west Denpasar named Subak Sembung that has become the attractiveness many travelers from local and international. The areal of this rice field is 115 hectare wide. Administratively, this area is included with the district of west Denpasar.

There are 200 farmers that are managing the rice field area with producing the ranch almost every year. Physically, this area have been organized much more neatly. The embanking of the field now has been added with a concrete road 2 meters wide and about 1 kilometers long.

The water resource beside the concrete road is flowing smoothly, dividing and irrigating the paddy fields. When it does not rain, it would not effect the farmers to plant the paddy because the field is filled with the water resource. Most of them is planting paddy seeds, some are also weeding the grass. Along the pathways, there are also various of plants that contains natural medicines and kinds of beautiful flowers usually used by the Balinese Hindu to pray.

The ecotourism of Subak Sembung is suitable to be one of the tourism attraction when visiting Denpasar, where everyone can enjoy the scenery of the huge beautiful rice field while you can also try the different kinds of Balinese snacks. Until now, the government of Denpasar is still trying to increase the tourism area sector just like Subak Sembung.

The villagers of Subak Sembung utilized this place as a place for physical exercise on the long jogging track. For those who would like to come and enjoy the sensation of this small village, it would be good to come in the morning or in the evening. Not just for the villagers there, but it is also for public that visit the village with the intention to find other creativity atmosphere with the combination of the modern recreation. One of the motivation that makes them excited to work is selling their planting results to the visitors every Saturday and Sunday morning.