Ubud, a subdistrict of Gianyar has been the popular place to relax. Many yoga treatments and some other traditional treatments that we could find over there. Not just about the yoga therapy, there are also unique restaurants, fun places to visit and education places you could visit.

Yoga barn is the center of holistic yoga and healing center that is located in Ubud, the cultural center of Bali. Offering more than 75 yoga classes in a week, practitioner from all the background and the level of comers to feel the classic sensation experience ‘yoga in Bali.’ Situated in between in between rice fields and its own agriculture, they preserved the essence of Balinese traditional land that has 50 hectare wide. Yoga is often become the attractiveness for guests at first they visit, but they also offer the accommodation at the location such as a healthy cafe, retail store and a holistic healing with various healing treatment. Coming for yoga and to heal, whatever your experience is, you will surely be happy with spending time while you are there because there will always something that makes you happy happening in the Yoga Barn.

According to their experience, they spent one month in Ubud and spending their free time in the barn to practice yoga and connecting with people that has the same mindset. Ubud is one of the healthiest city in Asia. They share 20 classes and attended 20 lessons during our staycation in Bali, with a glassful of wheat grass and a healthy smoothie among others in The Garden Cafe. They also serve some session of acupuncture to heal their feet after the accident incident. Between the two of them, they have also tried more than 10 type of class. There are many different kinds of personal training and the closing foods to be calculated.

The restaurant in this location is providing you a daily special dish and a various of menu that serve the yogi. There, you will find kinds of vegetarian, vegan and crudes with the international taste image and of course with a unique combination. They use their own ingredients from the result of their organic farming and possess a pot of wheat grasses on every dine in tables. Some days in the weekdays especially on the weekdays, they offer buffets and a movie night every Monday nights.

Many classes that you might like to choose such as Vinyasa, Esthetic dance, tibetan intense meditation and Anusara therapy class. The best thing about the price is , you can share the packet classes with your friends which can save more money. Getting off the class (outdoor class) will has the amount IDR 110,000, fifth grade packet IDR 450,000, 10 class packet IDR 750,000, 20 class packet IDR 1.200,000 and a monthly class without weekly class limit for IDR 2.400,000.

Strategically located in the heart of the road in Ubud which is always being crowded, it is also located not far from the main two road in the city of Ubud Hanomen and Monkey Forest road. The place is huge and inviting, lucky that visitors never hear the noise of the motorcycles that filled the road. There are many parking space, and if the parking space in the main door have been filled by many vehicles, they have provided you another space in the back of the barn to park your vehicles.

The space is 50 hectare, so whenever you enter the very huge room, you will feel like entering hidden heaven that is far from the traffic din on the street of Ubud. The Yoga Barn was being arranged and it has many things to offer. Yoga studio, is the first and the most important. People come here to join the yoga classes. Yoga Barn has five total studios, two of them are being used for 10-12 class that they use everyday and three of them are available for renting. The training and retreat for the trainee is being held every year. When coming, you don’t have to worry about the materials, they have been also provide you the needs like matrass and props, because everything is provided for the participants in the class.

There are nine guest house that are available with three types different room. This is also available for those who are planning using the facilities for three days or even longer and used for retreats. They are planning to expand it later this year. Every therapy in the center of Ayurveda is taken in the location from the practice antient Weda and Tantra. Among the practices, there are massages, Swedhana steam session and far infrared session. The service that was being offered in the center is broad enough, but you can get to find their services such as treatments and Chinese acupuncture, Naturopati, Thailand yoga massages, prana healing and chakra balancing. Their partner is with the Bali Spirit for presenting the fashion, jewelry, matrass and the latest props.