Every tourist who comes to Bali will definitely regret it, if they don’t visit Sukawati Market. The market that is known as Sukawati Art Market offers many kinds of Balinese souvenir which some their product are being offered by the visitors. This market is included in the list of Bali tourism that has become a must place to visit, because there are many interesting things that they offered by one of the most popular tourism shopping destination. It is located in the regency of Gianyar and the design is in the form of Balinese traditional market.

Sukawati Art market was built in 1983. Several traders especially handicraft tradesman, brandished their crafts at Banjar Baluan were frequently published by the local government officers. There are some easy tips that you can try while you are visiting this unique traditional market: the best time to be there is early in the morning. Before buying the things that you want to buy, you will need to survey around the market so you know the combination prices that they give you. We also need to be careful with some merchants, because they sell the same items with slightly prices. After you buy things you wanted to buy, market visitors must be good at being friendly to the traders, persuade them and make a bid to the price.

The popularity of this central shopping area have been soared to several corners of the world. Sukawati Market has become the main competitor Ubud market that have a role as the main various art products which is sold with a cheap price. such as souvenirs, culinary area, traditional arts and statues, and many more. Maybe you are one of the Balinese art collection lover?

Don’t hesitate to come and shop at the market of Guwang Sukawati. But before you spend all your money for shopping here, it is important to find out the information about the attractions, facilities and other important information. In general, this market is included as the biggest traditional market on the island of many gods. It is filled with many local and aboard tourists, they often come to hunt things they sell according to what they want to buy.

However, some travelers are just chilling around while finding out products that they sell in this art market. Seeing numbers of tourists that never decline to visit, traveling organizations then make this traditional market as a list of superior shopping travel destination. The art market of Ubud offers many attractiveness for locals and international guests.

Indonesia certainly known with the creative majorities, including Balinese local majorities that has unstoppable creativities. The creativeness produce many arts that are being sold, including Sukawati societies. Not just contemporary Balinese souvenirs and cheap prices, but you can also find more unique traditional gifts. Most of the things they sell like complexion features are different patterns compared to other patterns in other areas around Indonesia.

This traditional market also sell various of Balinese various fashion, for example sandals, bags until garments. Just like the traditional market in Jogja, this shopping center also became the center of batik negligee distributor. There are also kinds of traditional culture clothing and modern clothes. Various of equipment for the cultural ceremonies is also available there. So, it is much more easier for the them to shop their needs here. So, it is enough to just go into one place, and all your need are fulfilled well.

You who are in love with Balinese arts, you get the opportunity to hunt the beautiful creative paintings. You can see different kinds of paints starting from abstracts to the nature themes. It will be easier for you to get them in accordance with your house interior. The size of the paintings that was being offered has various measurements, starting form the biggest to the smallest. If you are buying the big painting, absolutely, the average price is much more expensive rather than the small one. The painting that was made by a complicated technic has a very expensive price also, but you can also offer them the scheduled price as long as it is till within a reasonable price.

Kinds of Balinese culinary is served along the market area. Hundreds of variants Balinese culinary that are sold along the market area with the different taste image that you can buy and taste it. Cakes, fruits and traditional snacks is seen filling the marge of the market. If you are entering the building, you will also find many outlets that are also peddling the halal and none-halal foods. Don’t ever miss stopping for a quick culinary tour of this market. You will absolutely tempted to stop by after going around browsing the area for hunting the groceries.

The same as the completed attractiveness, now its time for you to know the facilities which is no less complete. Sukawati Market has became one of the most favorite shopping place in Ubud with the complete facilities that the local people have provided such as the new building that have just been renovated. After the renovation process, this market looked more neatly clean and good looking, the trader’s stalls also looked more well-organized. So it is comfortable for the visitors and the marketeers to sell their products. The second facility of Sukawati Market is the clean bathrooms, because indeed they always get a cleaning treatments from special officers. Inside the bathrooms, there are toilets that you can use without limited taxes.

The parking area is the third facility that is available in this market. The facility parking area is broad enough, so it is easy for the guests to park their vehicles in the parking area. But over certain times, the parking area is filled with many rental cars from Ngurah Rai International airport. The reason is because there are many tourists choosing to shop first before they go to the airport and go back to their hometown or to their origin country.

Every local and western tourist does not have to buy the entrance tickets because it is free. This is matters because the art market at once with the center Bali halal and none halal culinary and the Balinese gifts is one of the public facilities. Visitors, both from tourists and from the Balinese majorities just need to pay the parking retribution which the rate has been officially stamped in the parking area. The tax for motorcycle is IDR 5,000 and IDR 10,000 for cars.

Whoever wants to come to the shopping center location, they need to check the complete location route first. If you are using the Bali touring with the hotel and rental car service, then it would not be difficult to find the location because the driver and the guide from the tour packet service will take you there. Whereas for the backpackers, it is good to find out the route first before you visit this traditional market. The new Sukawati Market is located in Sukawati Street, Sukawati, the sub-district of Gianyar, Bali.

Sukawati traditional market opens from Monday to Sunday and also at the holiday seasons. The visiting ours starts at 06.00 in the morning until 18.00 in the evening. But if you are asking for the best time, visiting it in the morning and in the evening is the answer, because the numbers of visitors both in the morning and the evening is not too exploded besides on the high season holidays or on the weekends.