The tourist attractions in Ubud, Bali is very popular to the foreign countries. Because Ubud offers the unique arts, agricultures and its beautiful nature. Besides that, Ubud also propose variegated types of interesting places for visiting and doing fun activities for you. When you hear the one of the attraction place namely monkey forest. Even though you have not visit the monkey forest Ubud, you definitely know from its name that you are able to see monkeys.

Monkey Forest Ubud is included in one of the tourist attractions that must be visited, because it is very iconic and overall represents the impression of tourism objects. Moreover, this tourist attraction is constitute as protected forest and inside the it, there is a sacred temple of Hindu people Bali named Dalem Agung Padangtegal Temple. Now, the area of the weald is inhabited by about 605 long-tailed monkeys. Furthermore, the original name of Monkey Forest Ubud is Mandala Wisata Wenara Wana, but is it more popular with the name Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary.

As one of the holiday destination in Bali, Monkey Forest Ubud has already included in the category of tourist attraction that has become a must to visit while you are in Bali. Apart from Indonesian tourists, there are also guests that comes from aboard like China, Singapore, India, Hongkong, Malaysia, Europe, Taiwan and Australia also love to spend their holidays to Sacred Monkey Forest Ubud. Then, when entering the area, you will feel the fresh air, towering green trees will appear from the parking areal. Before you enter the entrance, you will see a ticket station. At this counter, travelers will pay the ticket bill to enter the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary.

Furthermore, the location is located in Monkey Forest Street, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali. Knowing the traveling time and the distance from several places. If you are coming from the airport, then it will take 1 hour and 15 minutes with a distance of 36 kilometers. If you are driving from Bali Zoo location, it will just take you about 30 minutes with the estimation distance 12 kilometers. If you are staying in one of the hotels that is located in the tourist attraction in Kuta area, then to be going to the tourist attraction of Monkey Forest Sanctuary Ubud from Kuta beach, approximately, it will cover a distance 43 kilometers with the estimation time 1 hour 30 minutes. And if you depart from Panglipuran Village to the location of Monkey Forest Ubud, it will take 1 hour with the mileage of 32 kilometers.

For you who are traveling to Bali for the first time, you will definitely ask about the holiday transportation that are available. There are many transportation methods and choices that you could choose to spend your holidays in the island of many gods. As you are finding ways to get the transportation, you could also find car rental service completed with the driver, with the price about IDR 350,000/12 hours without refilling the fuel. If you are planning to use a bigger car, then the price is higher than before. The amount of renting the big car has the amount about IDR 800,000/12 hours included the petrol cost. You can also just rent the car without the driver, has its own price. The cost for renting a car without the driver is about IDR 250,000/24 hours.

If you like to use the motorcycle, there are also rental motorcycle service that you might like to ride or riding your own motorbike is much better! If you are coming from the airport, you can also a taxi service. For you who are planning to rent a motorbike, the price range is IDR 100,000 to 250,000/ 24 hours without gasoline charge.

For Bali tour packets, it will not be difficult for you to find a cheap tourism service provider that scheduled vacation packet with visiting the attraction of Monkey Forest in Ubud. If you want to enter the tourist attraction of Monkey Forest Ubud, you will be charged with the entrance tickets with the amount IDR 60,000 for the local adults and IDR 80,000 on the weekends for each local people. If you are going along with your kids, they will also charge your kids by the amount of IDR 40,000 and 60,000 every Saturday and Sunday for the local children.

The amount for each adult foreigners is DIR 80,000 on the weekdays and 100,000 on the weekends. If you are coming with your children, they will also ask you to pay for about IDR 60,000 on the normal days and 80,000 for each children every Saturday and Sundays.

They have provided also special payments for you who have Balinese Identity Card. For each grown-ups will be charged for IDR 30,000 on normal days and 50,000 every weekends. And for teenagers that have their identity card, they will also get a special payment with the amount IDR 20,000 from Monday to Friday and 40,000 every Saturday and Sunday. For you who are visiting with your big family, you will only need to pay IDR 80,000 anytime. So, you just need to show them you identity card so you can have a discount price to enter this tourism area.

Don’t forget that when you are visiting this attraction place, you will also need to pay your parking fees. Every types of your vehicles has its own price. For motorcycles, they will charge you IDR 2,000/hour and if you are staying longer, you must add the fees for IDR 1,000. If you are visiting by cars, the parking charge is IDR 5,000 for 1 hour and it must be added 2,000 for the next 1 hour. For the big vehicles like buses, you need to pay the parking cost IDR 10,000/hour and be added 5,000 for the next hour. This applies for the small buses which only has 20 seats. For the medium buses which also fits 20 seats, they will offer you the parking fees for IDR 15,000 for an hour and 7,500 if you planning to stay in the tourism area longer.

The operational time at the Monkey Forest Ubud is starting from 09.00 AM and closes at 18.00 PM (Bali time). The last time to buy the ticket is at 17.00 PM. Next, the best time to visit the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary is around the midday which about 14.00 PM. Because most of the apes have been fed by the superintendent there which makes them full, this is matters to reduce the monkey’s aggressive nature.

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary is an free smoking and it is strictly prohibited for guests to smoke in this area. Apart from that, in the Mandala Suci Wenara Wana Ubud, there are many forest officers that are supervising the behavior of the monkeys and the purpose of doing that is for the visitor’s comfort.

What kind of clothes that you should wear when you are visiting the monkey forest? What is the special dress code that regulates visitors entering the monkey forest area? There are no special dress code requires when visiting the natural tourism. Nevertheless, this area is a holy regional area and there are many Hindu Bali temples around the jungle. Therefore, it is a good idea to dress neatly that covers all your shoulder area.

While you are on your holiday in Bali, especially when you want to visit Hindu temples tourism area, please pay attention to dress etiquette. Most of the Hindu temple area, when entering the entrance gate, there will be a place that provides you sarong and Balinese shawl for visitors to enter the areal. Besides that, there are also place that provides sarong and Balinese shawl without any charged. If you don’t want to to rent a sarong or even the traditional shawl, you can buy it in the local fabric shop with the amount IDR 50,000 for one set.

As previously explained, Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal is closed for the public so the guests are not allowed to get into the temple area. If there is religious ceremonies when visiting the holy sector, you are recommended to use the sarong and the shawl that must tied around your waist. But if there is no ceremonies in the temple, you can just use casual dress code while entering the tourist attraction.

There are several things that is good to bring while observing the forest in a small quantities. Moreover, it is good to just bring the important things that you need to bring along with you. If there is no things requires, you can just keep it in your car or put it inside your bag. Because this tourism area is an open forest, so you will need to bring things like raincoats, umbrellas, camera, cash and a bag.

Most of the travelers that have been coming to the monkey forest felt satisfied visiting this place, but some of the tourists also had a bad feeling while they visited Mandala Suci Wenara Wana. Some visitors were bitten by the monkey and their personal requirements was stolen by the apes. This can happen due to the negligence of them who are not following the instructions that was given while they were in the area of Mandala Wenara Wana Ubud.

There are several tips that tourists should know if you are planning to come and visit the monkey forest. The first one, it is best to put your important belongings inside your bag or leave it in your car if you don’t want to lose it. The things that you should not bring such as earing, eyeglasses or even your handphone. Your eyeglasses and the earing is very attractive for the monkeys, they will try to take those things when you are unguarded.

If you want to take pictures, be sure that you hold the camera tightly, because it will attract their interest to take your camera. Avoid carrying plastics and a paper tote bags, because they will try to take and pull it from you. Walk in the pathways that have been provided and don’t step in the monkey feeding zone, this will make those monkeys aggressive because they thought that you are entering their zones.

Don’t hit or hurt them, for the reason that other monkeys will attack you. Food like peanuts, candies, banana and other kinds of foodstuffs is not allowed to bring. If you accidently brought you can leave it in the receptionist. This is matters because the needs of the monkeys is prepared by the superintended. You are not allowed to feed the apes also, because their feeding is prepared from the special provider.

The baby monkeys are truly cute and sometimes we want to touch them, but in this case, you are not allowed to touch them because their parents will be angry and think that you will hurt them. Don’t run and continuosly stare at the male monkey. If you are bitten by the monkey, immediately ask the nearest officer to help.