Campuhan Hill Ubud Bali is one of the most beautiful natural tourist attraction, it is also one of the place for a pre-wedding session that amazed many people. Apart from being pre-wedding venue, this place is often being used as a cycling and a tracking spot. The beautiful panorama there defines the amazing sunrise and even when the sun goes to west. Definitely, Bali offers you many interesting tourism area which never ends, starting from beaches with white sand and the sunset. Then, the custom, cultures, beautiful hotels, mountains, and so the beautiful rural natures. Because of the various beauties in Bali, makes the island of many gods become the most best tourist destination in the world as it is reviewed by tourists who have been visited Bali.

Apart from having charming beauty, you don’t need to pay anything for entering this area because it has a free fees. And it is included in the list of the coolest free tourism attraction in Ubud. It is located in the plateau near the ganglion of ubud. Appropriately, it is located at Bangkiang Sidem Street, it is easy to find the route on the google map. Campuhan Hill offers glamor of a stretch hills with green valley and with wild weeds along this hill.

There are many young couple come to this place spending their time just to enjoy the romance of the nature with a heart-warming views. Because of that, it is often called the hill of Love Campuhan. This place is very close to the downtown of Ubud and the museum of Blanco, so it is much easier to find it. For the foreigners tourists, this place is known as the Campuhan ridge walk.

About the history of Campuhan Hill have its own historical story. With its typical name Campuhan Ridge Walk for foreigners guests and sacred hill bee mountain for local communities. That history name came from the location of Campuhan where it is located in the area of the Bee Mountain Temple. The meaning of “bee” in Balinese language is “low.” This hill started to appear when a Hindu priest came from Java that was doing the spiritual journey called “Ryas Markendya.” He felt impressed with the small beauty hill that encounters two river flow namely Oos River and Cerik river. Eventually, he built the Temple of Bee Mountain that have the meaning of a small valley that became a meditation place and opens weald area around the temple as a place of habitation that now is known with the name Ubud.As an area that seen holy by the majorities there, it is recommended for tourists to keep the purity of Campuhan Hill and Bee Mountain Temple with prevailing according to the ethics, maintaining the cleanliness and its tranquility in it. If a violations occurs, then it will be given customary sanctions in the form of fines.

Campuhan Hill is located at Bangkiang Sidem Street, Ubud, the regency of Gianyar, Bali. From the city of Denpasar, it will take 1 hour to reach at that beautiful place. And if you start to drive from Ngurah Rai International airport, it will need time for about 1 hour 30 minutes to be there by taking the route from central ubud if you are using google maps. But if it starts from the Ubud Palace that is located downtown, it will just take 5 minutes to get to the destination by using the vehicles.

The location of Campuhan Hill is located near Ibah Villas and Suites Ubud, specifically 50 meters from the hotel’s gate. When entering the hotel gate, take the left route by following the signboard that is written “Go to the Hill”. Walk about 25 meters, you will see and find the Bee Mountain. From here, you will be directed by the fellows walking towards the hill. Don’t worry, because there is no entrance fee to enter Campuhan Hill, you will be charged with the amount IDR 5,000 for the retribution if you are coming by the vehicles that will be putted in the village treasury.

The location of the hill is indeed behind one of the hotel in Ubud namely Campuhan Hotel Ubud. However, the existence of it is like hidden tourist attraction. The calm atmosphere is very suitable to jog and there are people who are also cycling along the hill. Besides offering the attractiveness that are alluring, travelers who comes here can also do activities to enjoy the beautiful nature panorama. This place is truly fitted for you who love have the adventurous spirit in this open nature.

The jogging track route in the this area is fascinating, you can try it by walking to riding the bicycle. For the track lane right on the top of the mountain with the width around 1,5 meters and with the length of 2 kilometers. Throughout the hill, you can enjoy the grassland panorama exposition that is covered by the mountain surface.

If you want to see the beautiful hill covered by an amazing thin fog with the cool atmosphere, it is recommended for you to come early in the morning before the sunrise. But if you want to see the romantic panorama with the sunshine, they suggest you to come in the evening before the sun goes down. You will see many young couples walking and enjoying this romantic sceneries.

Because this place is very purified by the society there, behave yourself in accordance with the norms of politeness or don’t try to do things out from the courtesy. Because you will be worn by the strict customary sanction. When you are visiting this amazing place, don’t forget to bring food and drinks because there are no small store. Bring the important things that are needed to bring to lighten up yourself, because there will be many people visiting this place. Don’t forget to bring your camera or your your handphones that has camera on it, because it is unfortunate for you to come without the camera while you are exploring the beauty of Bali.