Planning on having your holiday in Bali again? Let’s try to visit the tourist attraction to the safari and marine park! Seeing the animals running around freely in the open nature with the natural scene which is showing the culture of Bali, added with interesting animal attractions that you can’t skip. Inviting friends and family to enjoy the recreation together there, will invite the happiness that will also take you back home.

Bali Safari and Marine Park is a family tourist attraction with an environmental and Balinese culture perspective. This nature tourist attraction is showing fusion of nature controversial with the typical ecosystem of the Balinese majority. Bali Safari and Marine Park gives touring experience that will not forgotten with the safari starting from the modern region to the ancient Bali life with the different kinds of myths philosophy studies and histories which are related to the wild life. So, beside seeing and interact with the animals, you can also get the knowledge about the flora, fauna and its culture.

This popular tourist attraction has already syphoned many tourists attention, because this type of natural education tourism can spark the feeling of happiness is always interesting to visit. You are able to watch the acts and the habitat patterns of the animals all in once spotting the greatness culture of Bali.

Bali Safari and Marine Park is worthy to be in the list of your holiday plans. The location is not difficult to find, specifically, the place is located in Serongga village, Gianyar. If you are coming from the airport, the distance which will be taken is 35 kilometers and it will also take you to drive about 56 minutes to be at the safari.

The safari stood since 2017 has won several awards, among them there is the 2012 Cipta Awards in the category of management of artificial tourist attraction with the environmental consciousness at the national level from the ministry of tourism and creative economy. Then, it also received the Indonesia leading theme park awards from 2012/2013 tourism area (ITTA). Another award is the little best of Bali awards and the 2013 certificate of excellence from TripAdvisor. Cool!

There is nothing wrong with making Bali Safari the best destination to visit while spending your holiday in the island of many gods. Here, you can do many interesting activities such as seeing the different kinds of animals. In this zoo, there are three kinds of animals collections from three regions that is from Africa, India and Indonesia. This place became the endemic or the prone to extinction animal breeding in Indonesia and several neighboring countries. So, here, there are not just only animals that were found in the zoo, but also animals that are about to extinct.

There are 80 collection and there are 40 specimens, between them, there are Sumatra tigers, spotted deer lions, Himalayan bear, white starling, owls, honey bears, crocodiles, hippopotamus, zebra, camel with one hump, baboon, and many other more. You can give them food, touch or pet the animals as they have been trained by the zoo keepers.

You can also watch and enjoy the animal attraction or the animal education and conservation show like the elephant bathing attraction in the Ganesha garden. This garden itself has 9 meters height statue that became the entrance to the Bali theater. There also tiger show from the predator prey. This is an animal show that shows you how the wild animals hunt in the wild nature. They will amazed you with their patterns from the large glass pool.

The landscape of Bali Safari was arranged neatly in such away so it could be resembled with the native habitat animals. With the result of the animals live without any burden in the confinement. The superiority from the conservation in Bali Safari and Marine park is the zoo keepers train and treat the animals, so that the threat of extinction due to the food chain can be pressed.

The characteristic of the tourist attraction in Gianyar Bali is using the Balinese culture in the arrangement of the environment and its system. The nature fiction is a place for the living animal themed with the culture and the custom of Bali. Even, in the tourist area, there is also holy bathing place name Tirta Sulashi. To oberserve this tourism area, you do not need to drive your vehicles inside, because they have provided you a tram of one kind bus that was designed with the jungle theme. There will be guide that will guide you while exploring the areal. The interesting thing that you can do over there is, you can stroll around the jungle until the sun goes down; seeing the jungle life when the dark comes.

The uniqueness of Bali Safari and Marine Park is that they prepared a traditional dance and playing the traditional music call gamelan. The location is located in the Bale Banjar. You can see or even participate on dancing the traditional dance accompanied with the traditional instrument, gamelan.

At every 14.30, you can watch the Bali Agung Show. A Balinese ballet show that rises up the typical life of Bali that are filled with magical. With the magnificent stage arrangement, and the strains of the typical Balinese music, this performance is last one hour long. If you want to watch the show, you can buy the ticket in the available ticket station.

As a final conclusion, you and your children can end your destination by relaxing in the swimming pool and fun zone. Your children’s happiness will become stronger by giving them the opportunity to play with the available rides. To get all the activities that makes a memorial touring experience, you can pay the entrance ticket first. For adult visitors over aged 12 years old, the amount of the ticket is IDR 220,000/person. Whereas, for children aged 3 to 12 years old, the ticket price is IDR 145,000/child. You could pay more in some additional zones.