Bali Bird Park or for the local people, known as the garden that has different kinds types of bird. This place is a tourist attraction that is located in the regency of Gianyar. This one garden has around two hectare width by containing about 1000 birds with 250 other types of birds. Beside collecting the beautiful birds, at this family tourist attraction, you can watch 2000 types of rare trophic plants that was being planted in this unique and neat garden. This bird park is the most popular holiday destination because it has one rare fowl and it is used for the Bali island symbol. It is namely the starling bird!

Bali Bird park became one of innovated place that presented in the ecotourism more since 21 years ago. Having the desire conserve and to protect the rare types of birds. The proprietor of this park has the eagerness to wrestle with the fowls. The owner also committed to conserve, maintaining and to propagate the rare flows that are not just from the exotic Indonesian bird, but also from other regions.

The commitment that they built has become the reference for the bird’s conservation to keep the improvement experience and types of birds that they developed to give the best experience to the visitors. Bali Bird Park was divided into several areas by creating the natural habitat of the fowls. It is completed with the native plants life. So, guests can follow the amazing journey cross the island of Indonesia, Latin America, African and the continent of Australia.

When it come to rest, you can stop by their open-air casual restaurant (named Starling Bird Restaurant) and enjoy the local and international dishes. Or, you can also visit in the Rainforest Cafe to try the fresh trophic juices or trying some homemade ice cream that will refresh your body. If you are trying to find visual experience, they have provided you 4-D airconditioned cinema. They suggest you to watch one of their surround-sound movies that is centered the birds that was shown here.

If you want to travel around the park, you will see types of flows starting from the types of bird from Papua, Javanese eagle, snake-eagle Bido, and many other types of birds. One of the favorite activities that the children love when spending their holiday in the bird park is taking picture with the bird. Absolutely, by taking your children to the bird park!

Apart from strolling around, you and your children can learn to know those birds that live in the wild nature. If your children feels thirsty or hungry, you don’t have to worry because at the park, they provided you a restaurant that will serve you warm-heartedly.

Inside the park, you will not just watching the birds but also, you will see the process of propagation process, starting from the egg to the feeding process. Below are the performance schedule. Every show that is showing in Bali Bird Park, has predetermined schedules.

Bali Bird Park plays a role in protecting and preserving Indonesia’s endangered wildlife. To entertain the visitors, they provide nine attraction that you can take part in, including; Bali Rainforest-flying bird attraction. This is the performance that were shown in Bali Bird Park. Seeing the flying bird attraction.

The types of birds that perform in many audience is like the macaw bird, cranes and cockatoos. Basic instinct-bird performance in catching their preys. In this performance, you and other visitors will watch how the eagle and the owl fly high monitoring their preys and flies down when they are about to catch their prey.

The 4D theatre; here, you can watch a film telling about how the birds with the showing the 4-demension demonstration screen and filled with the airconditioned cinema.

In the comodo experience performance, you and others can watch and see the park ranger giving food directly to the wild animals, gives a different feeling compared when we see it on the TV.

Guyu-Guyu Corner- a bird performance in the park that many people love to do while they are visiting the bird park, it is taking pictures with the types of beautiful birds. The types of birds that will pose with you is macaws and parrots.

Papua Rainforest feed-at this one show, you can watch the rangers giving food the exotic birds from Papua. It is one of the most popular collection of Papuan exotic bird namely Cendrawasi bird or the bird of paradise.

Lory feeding-this show will give you and your children adventure and experience giving food to the Lory bird. The next performance is meeting the bird stars. In this session, you will encounter comfort birds. The types of birds are black king cockatoo and a hornbill. Those two bird are trained to be interact with humans.

Pelican feeding-the performance in giving food to the pelicans is held by throwing several fishes towards the pelicans. Pelican is known as the invitation bird that has a very long beak in the whole wide world.

The position of Bali Bird park is located at Serma Cok Ngurah Gambir Singapadu, Gianyar- Batubulan- Bali. The published ticket for the adult is IDR 140,000/person and for the hero tour price is IDR 110,000/person. For kids, the published price is IDR 70,000/child and for the hero tour price is IDR 55,000/child. For those who are bringing babies, there are no charge to pay the ticket entrance for the baby.