Ku De Ta Beach Club is the most popular beach that you must visit! Bali has become tourist destination which is always busy with tourists. The island of many gods, Bali, offers various beauties which captivates our eyes. So, are you planning on going traveling to Bali? Or are you on a vacation right now? Beside beaches and its cultures, you can also enjoy the sunset atmosphere at one of the coolest popular hangout place in Bali.

Ku De Ta, is one of the most beautiful beach club in Seminyak that offers unrivaled beauty. This one beach is included in the best bars in the world. It would not be surprising if this bar is always busy visited by tourists. The concept of the bar on the beach has a modern theme and it also gives a high class restaurant image. When you first come, you will be treated by different kinds of wooden furnitures and red umbrellas.

The blast windy breeze will make you much more relax. The inside part of Ku De Ta has an semi-open concept with neatly lined up sofas and tables. Every morning until the dusk, there are live music performance that reverberates which is not so loud.

For those who use Ku De Ta Resto as their working space or a meeting place, they will not be disturb by the live music. The difference is at night, where there are types of music play from the blues, house music, pops, and classic hip hop with a quite loud sound. Being in this place at night will not make you lonely!

The food at Ku De Ta is also varied, such as heavy meals, snacks, deserts, juices, even alcoholic drinks is also provided. If you want to hangout with your family or other friends, you can order the packet menu here. The price is certainly affordable! For the heavy foods, there are various food such as burgers, pizzas, Balinese food and more cuisine that you might like to try and enjoy. Meanwhile, for the provided drinks, there are various kinds of fresh drinks such as mocktails, cocktails, wine, champaigne and many of it to try. Because this place is the coolest and the best beach club in the world, in the terms of its price, it is given an expensive prices for all food and drinks comparable to what will you get when you come here. You will need to prepare the budget if you want to hangout together with your friends and family.

However, definitely, the price is in accordance with the variety of beauty and its services that were being offered by Ku De Ta. There is no doubt needed because the quality of this place while enjoying the the beautiful sunsets with your life partner, family and friends or even sharing laughter to each other is very enjoyable thing to do at Ku De Ta.

The location of this popular bar is very strategic, it is located in Kayu Aya Street No. 9, Seminyak, Kuta, the regency of Badung. Ku De Ta is near the Seminyak beach. Because the location is strategy enough, then its not surprising if this place is always filled with many guests from all over the world. Ku De Ta has an Indian ocean view, which it even more charming.

All the fatigues you have felt can be disappeared by just staring at the beach. Visiting to Bali will feel incomplete if you don’t take your idle time if you do not come to Ku De Ta. You can also take contemporary pictures in this amazing place and upload it on your social media, because this place has instagramable and you can even make memories in Ku De Ta!

It is most suitable if you come to Ku De Ta beach club in the afternoon or in evening, because you will be accompanied by the beauty of the night and its loud music that will make you feel more relaxed and excited at the same time. However, if you don’t like to be in the crowd, then it is good visit it in the midday.

Basically, Ku De Ta is aimed for those who want to enjoy their holiday in Bali as good as possible. And because Ku De Ta is a restaurant with a beach club theme, so the entrance ticket price is included in the consume of the food and drink bills. Hanging out with many relatives, enjoying the beautiful and amazing sunset, and taking perfect picture and so on. So why wait any longer? Release your stresses by coming the Ku De Ta Beach Club!

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