Have you ever hear about a beach name Double Six? From the name, Double Six Beach does sounds like beaches aboard. Nevertheless, this place is obviously located in Seminyak Bali! The name Double Six was embedded in this beach that was taken from a night club that is located near the beach. Apart from its cool name, this beach is no less charming compared to Kuta Beach. Double Six beach is also often used as a place for a hangout for visitors. This is matters because it has a plus point that makes this place become one of the most popular beaches in Bali.

Double Six Beach is located in Bali, more precisely, it is located in Legian, Seminyak, Kuta, the regency of Badung. The access transportation there can be said to be easy, because it can still be reached by the public transportation. As the criterion, this tourist attraction is on the same line as Kuta Beach. The distance from Kuta Beach to Double Six would only take two kilometers by driving your vehicles.

To enter this area, there are no charge because it is free. You just need to pay the parking fees which cost IDR 5,000 for cars and 2,000 for motorcycles. Not just that, Double Six also opens everyday and for 24 hours. So it is not surprising if this place is quite popular favorable for local and aboard.

Relaxing on the beach while enjoying the blasting wind; however, to add more excitement, there are no wrong if you try other activities that can be done at Double Six. All the way to Double Six, it would be a shamed if you just sit around doing nothing over there. Because of that, let’s try the excitement that you can do at the beach.

This beach has contour area that declivous, so it is safe for you to use as the tool to play volleyball or other beach sports. You can also make team mates with your family members or you could also invite other visitors to come and exercise together with you. Isn’t it fun?

Tired of play volleyball and want to try an extreme activity? Come and try Bungee Jumping! You can try triggering your adrenaline by plunging from 400 meters height with fastened elastic rope. Even though it looks dangerous, you don’t need to be worried about the safety about this extreme vehicle.

Every visitors that tries this ride will equip with safety materials such as safety tools, helmet, and an experience guide. Want to try Bungee Jumping at Double Six Beach? Be sure that you or other family member does not have their historical heart diseases.

Water sport lovers will not definitely miss surfing at Double Six Beach, the characteristic wave that have big and strong tides will make surfing activity at Double Six Beach become more excited and challenging. If you have your own surfing board, you can bring it along with you, so you don’t have to pay the rental cost. But if you don’t have the surfing board, you can rent it at the place they have provided you. Interestingly, in Double Six is also offering you training service for those who wants to learn how to surf! It is suitable for visitors to try surfing for the first time. Do you want to try it when you visit this place?

A trip to the beach is incomplete without swimming. The smooth white sand and a clean sea water makes those who visit to Double Six can’t bear to throw themselves into the water. If you are not good in swimming, playing sand on the beach can while letting wave creep your feet can be one of fun thing to do.

After you are satisfied playing with the water sports, you can also enjoy the moment of sunbathing yourself together with your life partner or with your family members and friends on the beach. While you are sunbathing, you can do relaxation by trying the sensation of massage from the local Balinese there. At Double Six, there are many massagers that will offer you their service to those tourists who are coming to the beach. Usually, they are those who are living near Double Six Beach deliberately looking for a fortune by offering their kindness to be able to massage the guests there.

The operational of Double Six Beach is 24 hours. Because of that, it is good to spend your time longer at the beach so you can enjoy to watch the beautiful sun set. You can relish the wonderful moment while you are partaking the snacks in one of the cafe that are located in seashore. To add more comfortable, usually the employees at the beach provides bean bags for which is roofed by a colorful umbrellas. This is the one of the attraction of Double Six Beach that other beaches might not have. Taking picture while enjoying the dusk at the beach while sitting down at the fluffy bean bag and below the colorful umbrellas is needed to be input in your holiday list!

To add more comfortability of tourists, local people as the superintendent there have provided you facilities that you can use during the day with various supporting facilities. There are several supporting facilities among others such as clean toilets, beach club, cafes and restaurants, rental service surf boards, training service surfing lessons, parking areas and housings. A few tips that you will need to know, try to visit Double Six Beach in between July to September. The weather there is relatively friendly. Therefore, you and your family can freely enjoy the beautiful beauties and satisfying yourselves with the fun activities at Double Six Beach!