The destination of Sindhu Beach is one of a unique and interesting place to enjoy by the lovers of the beach tourism. Located in Sanur ward, Denpasar, this beach is offering you its charming nature that is mesmerizing and has already become popular among the local residents. Even though it is located next by Sanur beach that are being well-known, has its own tourist attractions for the guests. Although the access is much more easier going to Sanur, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Sindhu beach which has many beautiful littorals in this tourism areas. Good for the local majority nor the travelers, Sindhu beach has become the most favorite destination to enjoy the beauty nature and the calm beach atmosphere.

So, if you are finding the different holiday experience and wants to explore the littoral of Bali, don’t miss the Sindhu beach as one of your traveling destination. In Denpasar, there are several recreation places that is near along the coastline. First, there is Matahari Terbit Beach that offers you the spectacular sceneries when the sun rise. Then, Sanur beach that is located near Grand Inna Hotel Sanur. Afterwards, there is Segara Ayu Beach, and after that Sindhu Beach.

This area is still possible for you to see Grand Inna Hotel clearly. Because of that, if you are visiting this beach, you directly go by your vehicles without needed to walk over there. Even though the parking area is quite narrow because the Balinese there took the advantage of the road, but it is still adequate for the tourists’ vehicles parking area. The recreation place of Sindhu coastal nature in Denpasar have not yet been popular in the circle of travelers, so that the majorities of the visitors is still composed from locals and tourists that are spending their holidays in Sanur tourist attraction areas. This things creates a calmer atmosphere in the coastal recreation area. You can enjoy the calm and peacefully environment while enjoying the unspoiled beauty of Sindhu Beach.

Sindhu beach does have an easy access and it is located quite near the center of Denpasar city. The routed is mentioned from Gatot Subroto Street and Bypass Ngurah Rai Street which is the main road that can be followed to reach this beach. By using the digital map application like Google Maps is very helpful to guide and find the location much more easier. Sindhu and Segara Ayu beach is located close together, so you can visit both in one trip. It has a free access, so whenever you come, you don’t need to pay any entrance tickets. The costs that may incurred are the vehicle fees, which are quite affordable. For motorbikes, the parking fees is IDR 2,000 while the parking cost for cars is IDR 5,000 and for the tourism bus, the parking tickets is IDR 10,000.

You can choose the directions route according with your starting locations. The trip to Sindhu beach can be used by using your own vehicles like motorcycles or cars. If you do not have your own vehicles, you can use the online taxies service such as Go Jek, Grab, Maxime and other online taxies. Or, you can also rent a car and motorbike if you are going with your friends and family. If you are going with many members, you can join with the sightseeing tour that have been provided by the local travel agent. Sindhu beach Sanur is offering you various facilities that is quite complete even though this destination is relatively new. Here, you can enjoy the facilities that has been provided for the amenities to comfort the travelers. In between, there are several facilities that are being provided, one of them are home stays and hotels. There are some choices lodging around the beach area, both hotels and villas that offers you the accommodations for travelers.

Restaurants and small shops-you can find restaurants and small shops that serve many local and international dishes. You can enjoy the delicious foods while relishing the beach sceneries. Around the beach area, there is also minimarket that will ease you to find and buy your daily needs, or buying some snacks to be able to eat together with your friends and family at the beach. When you are strolling around the beach, you will see souvenir store. You can buy things that you would like to buy at the store that may become your memories when you visited Sindhu beach. For the cleanliness facilities, they have provided you clean toilets for the comfortableness of the visitors.

And last, the management of Sindhu beach have provide you a sustainable parking area to park your vehicles safely. These facilities gives comfort and its easiness for those who want to spend the time. This beach does not have a strict operational time, so that you may come and visit it anytime. You can enjoy the relaxing activities such as swimming, water playing, sunbathing on the white sand, or just sitting around enjoying the calm atmospheres.

Sindhu beach has a long history and it is closely related to Sanur development as one of the main tourism areas in Bali. It is located in the Sanur ward, Denpasar. Sanur itself is one of the area that has the long history in Bali island. At first, Sanur was a fishing village that was located in the edge of the beach. Sindhu Beach that is located on the east side of Sanur beach, has grown concomitantly with the development of tourism area in Sanur. Initially, Sindhu was more known as East Sanur Beach. However, over time, Sindhu became much more known as the separate beach name. Although it is not as popular as Sanur beach, it calm appeals and it is quieter atmosphere makes popular among the local residence and some foreigners that are looking for more relaxed and a peaceful context. The gazebos on the side of the beach is one of the attraction, where people can sit and luxuriate the seashore views. Along with the development of tourism in Bali, Sindhu beach continues to attract the people from outside or within the countries. It continues to grow with an additional facility and infrastructure developments to provide a comfortable experience for visitors.

Sindhu beach is indeed offering the fascinating nature beauties with white sand, shady green trees, and amazing coastal landscapes. The distinction of this beach is also located in the calm sea condition which makes it suitable for people to swim, strolling around or just sitting down while relaxing. Even though it is not famous for a surfing place, the calm sea condition allows visitors to enjoy other activities such as hunting shellfishes, fishing small fishes, whenever the water is in the low tide. This is a great opportunity for tourists to interact with the nature environments and luxuriates the beauty intimately. The presence of the food and drinks sellers around the beach adds more lively atmosphere and makes an easy way for the visitors, especially for locals to fulfill the needs By doing that, guests can enjoy the views while eating things they bought from the peddler. Sindhu beach truly has its own special glamor and uniqueness, so there is no wrong in visiting this place during the holidays to be able to enjoy the beauties and all the experiences it offers.

When you arrive at Sindhu beach, you will find interesting variety activities that will also entertain you. Several activities that you can do there while you are spending time with your beloved ones. One of the activities that you could do is swimming; the calm wave condition makes a safe place to swim, especially for those who are bringing their children. This things makes this beach become the most popular destination in Sanur during the holiday seasons or at a certain times. It is important for you to know that no need to be worried about not bringing the swimming equipment, because at this beach, they have provided you rental swimming equipment like buoys.

Besides that, the hygiene and the maintenance have become the attention for guests. There are changing room, a place for rinsing the body after swimming, toilets that are kept clean and well maintained. These facilities are assured that the comfortabilities for tourists while they are spending their time at the beach and keeping the cleanliness around the beach environments. By having those facilities that is satisfies, visitors may experience the enjoyment of swimming and water playing peacefully without worries about the materials. Sindhu beach is absolutely remark the needs of the guests to create the fun and safe holiday experience.

Even though Sindhu beach is does not have big waves, still, there are watersports that you could try over there. One of the watersport that you could do at the beach is trying the sea walker. Sea walker is an activity that sustain you to walk on the water by using a special safety helmet which will enable you to breath under the water. With the sea walker, you can explore under the sea world without having to dive. The next water activity that you could do is renting a canoe so that you may feel the experience of going around the seashore by using the canoe. This activity is suitable for you who are visiting Sindhu beach with your family members or with your friends that wants to try individually or by small groups.

Another things you would like to do there is paddling the small boat-you can feel the sensation of paddling on the water, you can rent a small boat and glide around the sea. This fun water sport exercise fits for you who are coming with groups of people. The last activity that you would like to do in Sindhu beach is try the windsurfing. This typical of game is offers fairly good wind for windsurfing. By relying the breezy wind, you can explore the coastal waters while playing with the small waves. Although it is not famous as other beaches in Bali for water sport like surfing, Sindhu beach still provides you variety activities that visitors can enjoy. With a wide selection of watersports, visitors can fill their time with fun activities!

Besides doing the fun activities at the beach, you can also visit the sea turtles conservation in Sindhu beach to have a unique touring experience and also helping to support the preservation sea turtle species that are almost vanished. Tariff or the entrance ticket: There are no fees that is being pecked to visit this conservation of the sea turtles babies. As the replacement, visitors are asked to give the donation sincerely to the management there. This contribution will be used for support the conservation sea turtle babies to keep it running. At the sea turtle babies conservation place, you can see the growing process of the sea turtles starting from when the eggs were being hatched until releasing the hatchlings to the ocean. You will be given the explanation about the life cycle of the sea turtles, the nurturing role in the species conservation, and the effort which is conducted to keep them constantly sustainable.

An interesting and unique experience that you are able to get when you are visiting the turtle conservation place that you could not find in other beaches. You can see the supervision and the maintenance process directly at the conservation place, and be interact with the officers that are dedicated to sea turtles conservation effort. With contributing sincerely, you took the part in supporting the preservation activities of the sea turtles babies. This thing has become the chance to give assistance and supporting the species preservation effort that are susceptible to the extinction.

As long as you are visiting the conservation sea turtles place, it is important for you to follow the regulation and the instruction that is given by the management officers. This thing is intended to keep the preservation sea turtles and to be assured that your nature touring experience runs safely and pleasantly. Sindhu beach provides various of morning exercise choices that you may enjoy. Several groups or communities organized morning exercise session. You can join those groups to participate that will refresh you mind, body and soul. Usually they do this exercise in certain areas around the beach.

This one kind of beach has a huge area, for those who loves to jog, here is one of the place to jog in the morning. When you are carrying out your morning routine, you can also relish the nature sceneries while you are running slowly along the pathways. Not just that, you can jog on the roadway where locals and long-stay foreigners always do. There are also special tracks for bicycles. You can rent the bicycle around the area while exploring around by riding the rental bikes. Enjoying the breezy wind and the panorama views while exercising. If you want a relaxing workout, walking along the beach is also a great option. You can stroll along the white sand while enjoying the beautiful sea sight and don’t forget to have a sunbathing in the morning with the warm morning sunshine.

Apart from that, if the water is on low tide, many people can take the advantage to play in the water, swimming, or even seeing the fishermen fishing around the beach. Be sure that you bring your materials according to the exercise you choose. Always pay attention to the instruction and watch the dangerous areas that are not allowed for visitors to visit.Relaxing on the gazebos at the beach is another exciting experience. Those beautiful gazebos that are being placed near the dock offers you a comfortable place to rest and enjoy the panorama around the beach. At these gazebos, you can sit back and relax while feeling the fresh breeze. You may create a conversation with your partners, friends, family, or you can just sit around while relishing the peacefully situation and the beauty of the nature surroundings.

Besides that, these gazebos is a place for taking a panoramic pictures. The enchanting background views will add the beauty of the picture taken, so make sure that you took the beautiful moments and make those pictures as your unforgettable memories! Don’t forget to keep the gazebo areas clean, because this beach has a very strict regulation about the cleanliness so other people may enjoy the clean environment that offer the beautiful nature.

Every beach in Bali has different attraction and characteristics, it has its own charm with an almost perfect atmosphere. The beauty of fine and clean white sand, calm and clear sea water, and shady trees that surround the beach, all is contribute to Sindhu beach. The presence of the shady trees gives a natural impression and provides a shady place for people who wants to relax on the beach. This beach is also attracts tourists because of the water activities that can be done here such as swimming and snorkeling. Although it is not as famous as other beach, its beauty and calm atmosphere makes an interesting place to visit. Those who wants to visit, they can come anytime according to their preferences. Whether they want to experience the crowds on the holiday seasons, or enjoying the tranquility on the weekdays. With every visiting moments, it always be offering them the fresh natural experience and absolutely the stunning views.

Sindhu beach is admittedly become one of the most popular pre-wedding photography place because of its exotic and romantic fineness. The mesmerizing scene offers you an amazing blue sky, white clouds and a clear sea. The wide expanse of its white sand have also become the perfect background to create beautiful pictures. The calm and peace atmosphere makes the romantic nuance perfectly for pre-wedding photography. The couples can feel and enjoy their intimate moment while they are expressing their love and happiness in the mesial of the spectacular nature landscape. This beach has various photo shoot areas starting from the calm waves, beautiful gazebos areas, the anchored fishing boat, until the charming dock. You can explore these locations to create interesting and creative variety photo scenes. Located in Sanur, it is easy for the tourists to access the beach. Besides that, there are no special fees to take those pictures at this place so that it became affordable choice for a pre-wedding photoshoot session. Be sure to contact a professional photographer that has the experience in a pre-wedding photoshoot at Sindhu beach. They will help you to direct you in creating the mesmerizing pictures and immortalize the best moment before your wedding day!

Sindhu beach is also a popular place for doing fishing activities. If you want fish a fish, you can just ask the local people or the fishermen there to find a good spot for fishing. They usually have the knowledge about that areas and they will also give you valuable advice. Investigate the water tide first before you decide to fish, be sure that there is a warning or a inhibition that relates to the fishing areas. Also, pay attention to the tide so you may choose the best comfortable and strategic spot. Pampered yourself by fishing at the beach by the right time, just like when the sun rise or even when the sun sets. At this times, the fishes are more active and you could also enjoy the beautiful beach views. Be sure that you bring your fishing materials such as fishing rod, reels, a bait, a hook and other equipment that are needed. Make sure that you follow the instruction and the regulation which has the relation about the fishing activities. Several beaches has a certain limitation like the fish size that are able to be caught or the type of baits that are allowed. They suggest you to obey these rules to keep the environmental sustainability and the continuity of fishing activity. Always bring the trash bags and be sure to throw the garbage to its place and keep the surrounding environment clean so other people may also prevent from the environmental damage. Constantly, pay attention to your safety needs while you are fishing at the beach. Don’t forget to use the life boat if it is needed and always be alert to the surrounding environments.

Around Sindhu beach, there are several hotel choices that you can consider to stay in one of those hotels while you are spending your holidays in Bali. There are hotels and luxurious resorts in the area of this beach that offers you complete facilities, a quality services, and the panoramic sceneries. Some of it also completed with the swimming pool, restaurants, spas and other facilities. For more private and intimate experience, you can choose villas or bungalows that are scattered around Sindhu beach. Usually this accommodation is equipped with kitchen facilities, living room and a swimming pool. If you are looking for more affordable accommodation, guesthouse and homestay are good options too! Normally, these accommodations are managed by local residents and offer a simple yet comfort at more economical prices. For tourists that has a limited budget or those who are looking for more relaxed and friendly backpackers atmosphere, there are also hotels and backpackers inns around this area. This accommodation is generally offers a shared beds ( dormitories) or private bedrooms at affordable prices. Makes sure to search beforehand and book the lodging according to your preferences and most importantly is the budget. Check the accommodation facilities, reviews, and location for the comfortabilities and the satisfactions during your stay.

There are several hotels choices that are located near Sindhu beach in Sanur with its prices. ArtOtel Bali: The price for a night there is IDR 882.576 and it have the distance walking two minutes from the beach. The next hotel is Citadines Brawa Beach: The price of this hotel is IDR 1.051.073, it is located in south Denpasar with the beautiful beach scenery. Maya Sanur Resort and spa which has the price IDR 2.147.747 and have the distance location three minutes from Sanur and Sindhu beach. Uma de Villa Sanur with the price IDR 520,000 it is also located in south Denpasar. The 101 Oasis Sanur, IDR 711,108/night which is located in Sanur areas with a four star resort. Swiss-Belresort Watu Jimbar with the price of IDR 900,000/night is located near Sanur area with four star resort also. Prime Plaza Hotel, a night stay which cost IDR 602,895, located in Sanur with the tropics garden and a swimming pool. Hyatt Regency IDR 1.923.553/night, located in Sanur, 5 star resort with private beach and pool. The Alantara Sanur, the price of staying a night here is IDR 819,018 and it is located in Sanur with four star luxurious facilities. The last staying reference is Maha Laksmi Boutique Hotel which has the price IDR 467,864 where it is located in the central Sanur with an indoor swimming pool. You will need to recheck the prices and availabilities because it can change any time, so it is recommended to check the latest views, facilities and be sure to make a reservation before you stay at the hotel you have chosen.