As one of the favorite tourist attraction beach in Pecatu, has a clean white sand. In every evening, people are pampered with the panoramic sunset which is very fascinated. Dream Land is a small white sand beach that is located behind the rocky cliffs which is flared up high.

This one tourist attraction is worth for you to try because there are not much know about it, and evenly it is empty when you compare to other beaches in south Bali. Bali is a small island in the central of Indonesia, but even so, this island is the place where you could find many heavenly tourist attraction, both natural and artificial.

When the holiday season comes, Dreamland beach is one from many beaches that the island of many gods has. Being located in the high flared up steep rocky cliffs, does not annoy the visitors who wants to come here to enjoy the beautifulness of this place. Those who come here, will be amazed with its beauties and they will averse to step out from their comfort zone.

Formerly, Dreamland beach was only a beautiful beach yard which was located on a 900 hectares land that was owned by PT. Bali Pecatu Graha. Then, this huge land was designed to conjured becoming the super luxury resort named “Pecatu Indah Resort.” They planned an arrangement this luxurious resort will be combined with the tourist areal. Furthermore, to develop this place, they did the mega project by using the benefit of the beautiful and the authenticity of the nature. This thing also have the purpose to conserve the living environment around this area. Before, Tomi Soeharto, as the owner of this resort, wanted to build a settlement environment and a very unique tourist excursion in southeast Asia.

The origin name from Dreamland itself was started from the big project that were stalled and neglected. Most of the residents in the Pecatu village was really hoping that the project was carried out so that they may preserver other business besides farming. Because of those things that matters, the areas that in the beach area is said by a name Naman Dream Land or a dreamland.

For tourists that are visiting Dream Land Pecatu, usually, they have known some about this beach tourism. Everyone can be relaxed and enjoy the pounding waves in the middle of the amidst of the calming breeze. Apart from that travelers can find rows of relaxing chairs completed with the shading umbrella that are provided for pampering the visitors that wants to be lazy while relishing the ocean panoramic.

Dream Land Beach is admittedly completed with the varieties facilities for water activities, but actually that is the superiority of this beach. The panoramic expanse at this beach is still feels intact, it is not being crowded with the banana boats jet skies, parasailing or crowded people. Whereas, people may enjoy the activities like swimming or surfing, if the weather is sustainable. All activities is to be done in the limited scopes, under the supervision of the beach guards that always look over and standby up from the beach lifeguard tower.

Another superiority from this area is have the distance about 32 kilometers from Denpasar which is the position is facing to the west side This thing makes Dream Land beach becoming one of the recommended touring place to visit to enjoy the sunset panorama in Bali beside Kuta and Jimbaran. Every destination has its own attraction to enticing people coming to that place. Before, this beach was known by Dreamland, but now, many call it as the ‘new Kuta’ beach because of the charming beauties there is not the same with the regale of Kuta beach.

Apart from the advantage above, this Dream Land beach has other advantage. Many people, especially the surfers are looking for the big waves because it makes their surfing activities much more exciting and fun. For this one kind of water exercise, many foreigners come, because they are feeling being challenged by the big waves over there.

Enjoying the sunset after you have finished doing your activities at the beach is one of the beautiful panorama throughout the midday. The silhouette at the beach is very exotic that makes people feel more comfortable while watching every second of the sunset sceneries. If you want to see it with a maximal quality, you can try to climb up the cliffs that was built near the shoreline. Eventually, you are able to enjoy the sunset moments from above the cliffs and dedicate it inside the camera frame. But, you need to be careful when you are on top of the cliff.

Because there are rarely tourist come to this place, then the cleanliness and the comfortabilities of this beach is very guaranteed, especially when it was not as popular as now. This thing is matters because it makes those who come feel reborn again, because they have found the comfortabilities and the calmness while you are at this place. The local tourist majorities usually come here only for relaxing from their daily work assignments. The sound of the pounding wave accompanied with the rustling water, is also creating the atmosphere more calm. The transparent ocean creates an amazing view which we could also see without needed to dive or use other water safety materials.

There are several activities that you could do at the beach, you can try to sit below the sun to have sunbathing. Usually, people aboard and locals loves to do when they visit Dream Land. This one kind of activity is strange for Indonesian majority because without having to sunbath themselves, they are able to get enough sun shine everyday. But, this is special moments for the foreigners because in their countries, the intake of the sunshine is slight. That thing was exploited by the westerns guests to be able to have the sunshine while they are spending their time there.

One another fun activities that you might like to do at the beach is surfing above the big waves, it is closely related with many beaches in Bali because this island is called as the surfers paradise from every tourists all over the world. You cannot miss this moment to try this water exercise if you are one of the surfing lovers. The wave is big and very challenging, it is suitable for those who wants to trigger your adrenaline!

If you are tired doing all the activities at the beach, you can also buy food and drinks at the cafe that is provided by the superintended. The cafe there provides various of dishes, whether it is from local or even aboard. So, you don’t have to worry about the food that you want to eat because they serve a complete menu. For the price that they offer is a quite pocket friendly because their target is domestics. You do not need to be hesitate about the tastes, because there are not many who have tried the foods in this cafe, but there are also locals and aboard travelers that have recommended this cafe.

The address and its location stands upon the hilly area, specifically at Ungasan Pecatu heights. This current place has been known as the Bali Pecatu Graha complex (New Kuta Golf areal). Beside that, the location of tourism place of Dream Land beach is in the same way with the GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana) tourism area. Dream Land beach is located in the remote area and you will need to go through the New Kuta Golf resort to reach this destination. Because of that, if you are traveling for the first time to this beautiful place, to make your trip much more easier, you may use the GPS so you can find this location, after you have passed GWK. Apart from that, the specifically place is in the middle of Garuda Wisnu Kencana and Uluwatu Holy Temple. You can find the sign New Kuta Golf then enter the through the security checking door area.

This beach is very unique, because it is located behind the steep cliffs. Dream Land beach is located in Bali island that is being located in New Kuta Street, in Pecatu village that they usually name it as Pecatu Indah Resort, in the southern subdistrict of Kuta, the regency of Badung, Bali province. The atmosphere at the beach is very mild, comfortable, clean and also peacefully. If you started to go from the tourism area or from Kuta beach, to reach to Dream Land destination will take you to be at the location about an hour (depends where you start to drive). It is much more easier to visit this tourism area by using your own vehicles, whether by using the motorcycle or a car and the road to Dream Land is flawless.

Most of the beaches in Bali have tariffs or entrance ticket which be destined for travelers to enjoy the beautiful hidden paradise. But, at the Dream Land beach, there are no entrance ticket, they only charge you to pay the parking fees which is cost IDR 20,000 for one car. Reminding that by paying the fee for IDR 20,000 you will be treated with the amazing exotic beach. When you are planning to visit this place, they also suggest you to come in the evening. Because in the evening, there will be many foreigners come and enjoy the beautiful orange rounded sun. So, it is best for you to come at 17.00 to 18.00.