Mertasari beach, is an hidden heaven in Sanur, Denpasar, Bali which is offering you unforgotten tourism experience. This place is located between the beauty of the coastal nature and invites you to enjoy the white sand that mesmerize and enjoying the fascinating sunrise panoramic. Far from the hilarity crowd, Mertasari beach have not been famous in the international tourism area, but it is well-known by the majorities there and travelers that are staying in Sanur.

The beaches in Bali has been long-known because of the stunning beautiful nature, and Mertasari beach is no less interesting. Here, you will be bewitched by the calm and toneless sea, creating the perfect condition to play with the ocean, swimming, or just luxuriating the ocean panoramic. For the water exercise lovers, this beach offers you many water sports such as sea walker, scuba diving, and snorkeling. Even though it is not appropriate to surf, they provided you an alternative that is no less exiting. You may feel the excitement sensation by exploring the water sport like parasailing, jet skies, and wakeboarding.

Nevertheless, the most exceptional thing is kiteboarding or kitesurfing, that enables you to feel the freedom to glide above the waves with the kites. Mertasari beach has a unique tourist attraction, which is the ability to watch the sunrise and the sunset. With the direction facing towards northern side, you are able to see the stunning sunset here. The gazebos that spreads along the beach, offers you a perfect place to relax while relishing the romantic sunset.

Mertasari beach is also a paradise for photography lovers. On the west side of the beach, you will find an amazing scenery from the flared up dry mangrove trees that creates perfect background for beautiful pictures. There is also a new photo spot that is very popular, that is Dream Island. Part from the Fantasy Garden, Dream Island is extending the unique experience of the swings near the seashore, the alluring platform, the exciting spa facilities, delicious restaurants, playgrounds and interesting activities like riding the camels, horse and also riding the bicycles.

Accessing the Mertasari beach is very easy. To reach the destination, you may use your vehicles like cars or motorcycles. If you are coming from Ngurah Rai International Airport, it is enough to just follow Bali Mandara highway, and go through Bypass road, then you will be arrive in 30 minutes. The location is located in Tirta Empul Street, Sanur, or you could go through Suka Merta Street which then direct you to Pengembak Street Sanur.

For you who wants to explore the beautiful nature of Mertasari beach that have not been touched and enjoyed the unforgotten memories, Mertasari beach is one of the impeccable destination. If you want to find peace, the beauty nature and fun activities in the middle of Bali’s littoral, then don’t miss the chance to visit Mertasari Beach. Enjoy the white sand that smoothens in between your toes, feeling the touch of the ocean breeze that brings the calmness and be amazed with the marvelous sunrise or even the sunset atmospheres. Mertasari beach will always offers you unique and unforgotten tourism experience in the middle of the paradise island, Bali.

In every areas in Mertasari beach, there are several facilities that may fulfill the needs of the visitors. These are the facilities that have been provided for you: Bathrooms-If you finished playing at the beach you may use the local bathrooms there to clean your dirty body and change your clothes. The fee charging on using those bathrooms is IDR 5,000. Parking area-For those who come by using their own vehicles or a renting vehicles, there are a quite huge parking area that the custodian provided for you to park your cars and motorcycles.

Small shops-You do not need to be worried if you don’t bring your food and drinks, because there are also small shops and small restaurants around the beach that offers various menu. At those small shops, they also prepare a beach bench for guests so they could enjoy the food and drinks while watching the beautiful nature.

Camel riding-To add more fun and unique experience, tourists may explore around Mertasari beach by riding the camel. By paying IDR 100,000, you are able to enjoy the whole sublimity. Horse riding-Not much different from the activity on riding the camels, here, there are also horse riding. You can explore the beach by sitting on the types of horses. By paying IDR 100,000, you are able to enjoy the whole beach.

Watersport-For tourists that loves to do the water exercise, also offering you various types of water sport such as jet skies, parasailing, banana boats, and many others. Guests may rent those materials at the beach! Renting buoys-For those who wants to swim, but does not know how to swim properly, rental buoys are available.

Spa at the beach-after you spend your time doing fun activities at the beach, you can pampered yourself with the spa and massage service comfortably. Many kinds of treatments like Ocean Red Wine Spa, Aroma Spa, Therapy Hot Sand Spa and Ocean Warm Stone Massage is available for you! Roundsmen-there are many roundsmen that goes around the beach to offer their selling products such as foods, drinks, verities of souvenirs and kinds of necessities.

Children playground-For kids, the management of Mertasari beach has been providing your kids place to play. They have provided a mini futsal field! This is certainly known that this beach is also providing the travelers fun entertainments for your beloved families. Cheap lodge-Around Mertasari beach, there are several cheap lodging with certain tariff starting from around IDR 200,000/night, for an example: Mars City Hotel and Ananda beach Hotel. By having those facilities, travelers may spend their time with comfortabilities and fulfilling their needs.

Mertasari Beach offers you an entrance ticket with a variety price, depending on the guests’ age. For adults, the ticket entrance is IDR 20,000/person while the charge of the children is IDR 15,000. Besides the entrance ticket, visitors may also rent many materials according to their activities that they want to do there. For those who wants to try another water park, there are options of fun activities with the tariff IDR 50,000 to IDR 75,000. If you get the opportunity to play with the canoe, the fee is IDR 50,000/hour. Other fun thing you could do at the beach is try the water bike ride which cost around IDR 75,000/hour and also trying the standup paddle by the price of IDR 50,000. Apart from that, for those who are looking for an experience in feeding the sharks with the charge around IDR 50,000, please note the price because the payment price may change anytime in accordance with the condition and the subtlety that is enforced by the tourism management.

Sanur beach has a unique history as the tourism destination. The existence as the destination of an inspiration tourism was created by a Belgian artist named AJ. Le Mayeur and his wife Ni Polok, that came from Bali. When they tried to paint the beautiful beach, Le Mayeur accidently chose Sanur beach as the painting object. The amazing art painting that they painted attracted many attention, since then Sanur beach became very famous aboard. Even though this experience was coincidental happened, the impact towards the beach population is very significant until now.

Sanur beach, including Mertasari beach, offers a complete facilities for guests. Around the beach, there are various of means that you can enjoy like hotels, restaurants, mini markets, bars, cafes, mall, and typical Bali accessories marketeers. The facilities that they have provided for you is not far different with other beaches in Bali, but the services is absolutely has its own uniqueness. When you are in the area of Sanur beach, you do not have to be surprised because most of the majorities tourists came from aboard which have the interest about this beach.

Apart from Sanur beach, Mertasari beach also have a tightly history towards Balinese culture and tradition. In this beach, sometimes, they held a kite festival which has became the biggest celebration with many kinds of performance types of kites and the size of those kites. This festival is shown as the respect towards the thriving legendary within the sectional majorities which is related with the history of Mertasari beach.

Mertasari beach in Sanur admittedly has the unique attractiveness and it is an ideal place for relaxing together with your children. The beauty of this beach is located over a huge area with smooth white sand, a calm and sloping ocean and the bewitched sea sight. This beach prepared a safe environment for you and your kids to play and enjoying the activities there. The calm sea is enable for children to swim safely without worrying about the wave condition that is overpowering.

Besides that, this beach is also suitable for many other kinds of water sport like surfing or snorkeling. Children can relish those fun water activities and explore under the sea that is filled by an interesting under the sea life. While you and your children are relaxing on the beach, you can also feel the enjoyment of the beautiful sceneries, watching the sun going down or just sitting around on the beach while feeling the breezy wind that brings the calm atmosphere. Mertasari beach provides quiet and fun environment, so it became an ideal place to relax with your children.

Mertasari beach has many selfie spots that is very instagramable, which will pampered guests who loves to take pictures and upload it on their social media. When you enter the entrance gate, visitors will be welcomed by an esthetic wood bridge, giving artistic impression to their photos. One of the most popular photography spot is the cradle above the ocean. This sway is located in the edge and when the sea water is receding, travelers can make perfect moment to pose with the beautiful beach background; that swing is creating relaxing and fascinating atmosphere and gives exciting holiday impress.

Moreover, there are also a dry mangrove forest trees, pine trees and various of interesting spot around the beach. A dry mangrove forest trees creates unique and exotic background photos. You can also take pictures around the coral reefs that is spread at the beach or in the middle of the huge expanse white sand. Every side of Mertasari beach offers the interesting and potential nature beauties to produce amazing photos. Be sure that you bring your cameras or handphones to devote the beautiful moments at those instagramable spots.

Mertasari beach is also a popular location for pre-wedding photo session. Beautiful beach, white sand, and amazing beach background which is creating a romantic and stunning for your pre-wedding moments. One of the spot that has been chosen by the couples for their pre-wedding photoshoot session in Mertasari beach is the fishermen silhouette boat when the sun set appears. The silhouette boat that can be seen beyond the ocean firmament which gives romantic touching and pathetic to your pre-wedding pictures. Furthermore, the bridge that is located near the beach is gate is also became one of the good choice for your pre-wedding. The esthetic wood bridge creates an elegant context and adds a beautiful nature nuance towards your photography images. Be sure that you are coordinating with the wedding photographer to determine the location and the concept that is compatible with the styles and the the theme in accordance to your desire. With the fabulous beach background and its romantic scenes, Mertasari beach is one of the perfect place to make beautiful and timeless moments.

Around the beach area, there are many choice of small local restaurants that you can choose. These are the recommended local restaurants: Warung Made Weti-this small store has been known as the legendary local restaurant in Mertasari beach. You are able to enjoy the local Balinese dishes with the affordable price and the authentic environments. Art Cafe Sanur-this place is offering you a comfortable atmosphere with the lovely art decoration. You can regale the side dishes while relishing the different kinds of international dishes and delicious seafoods there. Soul on the beach-this one kind of restaurant is located in the edge of the beach, that will enable you to luxuriate the menus while seeing the nature sights. Soul on the beach is serving kinds of menu like Asians, western and fresh sea dishes. Warung Blanjong-This small local restaurant is well-known with the authentic Balinese traditional food. You may try the Balinese mixed rice and the twisted satay too! Massimo Italian restaurant-if you want an authentic Italian menu serving, this one kind restaurant is the best choice to visit. Massimo Italian Restaurant is serving various of food presentation like pastas, pizzas, and a delicious desserts. Be sure to explore more eating place, because in Mertasari beach there are many restaurants, cafes, and small local shops that will always offers you delicious local and international menus.