With the strategic location in the capital city of Bali, Sanur is an legendary resort in the tourism history of Bali Island. The territory is in the eastern Denpasar, most of it is in the form of a coast that was divided into several beautiful beach segments. Karang beach is one of the beach that has became the iconic that represented the tourist attractiveness. Not just Kuta, Sanur areal is also prima donna within Bali tourism chart.

Karang beach is one from seven segments at the area of Sanur. In many ways, Sanur is the opposite of Kuta. If Kuta was named as the Sunset Beach, then Sanur must be called as the Sunrise Beach. The waves at Kuta beach is high, yet in Sanur the waves are tend to be settle down. The atmosphere in Sanur is comfortable and peaceful, but in Kuta, the environment is very crowded. That is how it is, the nuance in Karang beach is generally the same.

One of the characteristic of Karang beach is the distribution of rocks in the waters which further inspired by its name. And when going to the middle side, there is an heap with two gazebos. The beach landscape with those gazebos on it is very iconic which represent the sceneries of Sanur area. The panoramic of Karang beach is constantly beautiful anytime. But the best moment is when the sun rises up. Here is the best place to watch the sun rise in Bali. Because of that, tourists usually start to do their activities early in the morning. Exercising by riding the bicycle or doing the morning walk as far as they do their water sport.

The atmosphere is vary comfortable, so it is ideal for guests who long to have fun holidays. It is one of the best tourist attraction for family tourist destination besides Nusa Dua and Tanjung Benoa. Children are able to play freely and safely in the shallow water because the calm wave or even on the sand.

Karang beach is one of the tourist attraction that makes people become so busy. It is just not relaxing, playing water and playing sand, people are also welcomed to try kinds of watersport vehicles. A clear canoe is one of the watersport vehicle that is included touring mode that is being hits and viral that can be enjoyed in this place only. So, be sure that you try!

Apart from exploring the sea water, the clean canoe is also sustains for travelers to see the beautifulness of the under the sea. If you are not satisfied by just looking up from the canoe, Sanur beach have prepared you sea walker mode. There is also spot for snorkeling and diving in the middle of the sea which is not far from Sanur beach littoral. Do you like to fish? You could also do fishing there!

As the part from the high class resort, the facilities of Karang beach is adequate. There is an pedestrian track starting from Sindhu beach until Semawang beach which is from this beach is completed with rest areas that be in the form of having the gazebos, and chairs. The strategic location is surrounded by restaurants, cafes, money changing and many more.

Easy from you to find various of hotels or homestays with a variative price, starting from the cheapest to the luxurious five star hotels. In fact, the first five star hotel that was instructed by Soekarno namely Bali Beach Hotel is there too! There are no fees to enter the beach, the fees are just for the vehicles and the rides on the beach.

Administratively, the location of Karang beach is located in Karang Beach Street, south Denpasar. Approximately, 18 minutes driving if you drive from the center of Denpasar city. You can drive thru Cok Agung Tresna Street, Hang Tuah Street, By Pass Ngurah Rai, Toba Lake Street and turn right towards the location. If you depart from Ngurah Rai International Airport, it will take 30 minutes driving. You can go through Bali Mandara highway and choose which way you prefer to drive in, Benoa highway and By Pass Ngurah Rai Street. From Kuta, driving by following the By Pass Ngurah Rai Street which the time travel will take 25 minutes.