Semawang beach is a beach that is located in Denpasar Bali with the calm ocean. Because of that, this one kind of beach is suitable for you to visit and have time to refresh you mind and soul! Bali is an island that has many wonderful touring destinations, including the beautiful beaches.

If you want to visit one of it, you can choose Semawang Beach, Sanur. The fineness of the white sand is indeed fascinating, which will make your mind much more relaxed and refreshed! Beside enjoying the beauty of the sceneries, your holidays will also be fun when you enjoy every activities that you can do while spending your time at this tourist attraction.

Actually, what are the fascination of this beach? Semawang is an excursion beach that probably less well known compared to the nearest Sun Rise beach. But apparently, this beach has magnificent nature that mesmerizes with a calm atmosphere. This sea is known as the beach that has a calm sea water. Apart from that, the crashing waves on the shore is also not to big. This condition ripples the ocean wave which reaches the shoreline so calm has many coral reefs. Those coral reefs are functionate as the natural breakwater.

Aside from the calm and having too big waves, the surrounding atmosphere is still looks beautiful. The swaying trees is blown by the breezy wind increasing the cool atmosphere for tourists. This kind of environment is very appropriate to compose oneself and have the refreshment from your daily activities.

When you are visiting Semawang Beach, don’t forget to try snorkeling and diving. Why? The reason is because this place is offering you the under water fineness that is fabulous. Travelers can freely see the different kinds of coral reefs and the small fishes too! Renting boats, snorkeling and diving materials is provided at the beach. Then, the landlord will accompany you to the best snorkeling or diving places in Semawang.

Where does not Semawang Beach located? The location of this beach is on the southern of Grand Inna Bali Beach Hotel. Specifically, the location is at Kusuma Sari Street Sanur, south Denpasar. Travelers who comes to Bali thru Ngurah Rai International Airport Bali may directly visit this beach resort.

Driving from the airport would take you around 30 minutes. If you leave from Badung regency tourism area, then the drive distance will take 15 kilometers. Tourists are suggested to use the Google Maps or use other guiding application to help you to see the route towards the beautiful beach tourism area. The location of Semawang Beach is near one of the famous luxury hotel in Sanur namely Fairmont Sanur Beach Bali which makes this beach area looks much more luxurious than others.

How much does it cost for travelers come to visit Semawang Beach? If you want to enter this beach tourism area, you do not need to pay anything. That is mean, it is free to enter this areal. The beautiful beach that is located at Sanur is available to be visited anytime. However, the best time to come here is in the morning, where you could see the amazing sunrise.

There are many activities that you can do while spending your holidays at Semawang Beach. When you come here, it is good for you to have a spare time to enjoy the sunset. Nevertheless, this beach is suitable for you to feel the beauty of the sunrise in the morning. Why? Because, this white sand beach that is located in Sanur area is facing towards the east. Guests must come earlier, if you want to enjoy the amazing sunrise moments.

Semawang Beach has a calm sea water characteristics and the waves are not too big. The condition like this create a compatible place for playing water. Because of that, this beach also become a favorite holiday destination for families that bring children.

Parents can also play along with their children with the waves crashing in the water. Besides that, tourists can also swim at this beach. Yet, you still need to be careful and pay attention to the rules that have been written at this beach areal; or while you are playing with your kids over there, you could rent a canoe with affordable and a cheap price.

Semawang Beach is also one of the beach in Sanur that is suit to fish. You can fish by renting a boat, you may bring your fishing equipment from your home or you could also rent it at the rental shop. You can also rent the dory straight from the fishermen. The fishermen can invite you or showing themselves in the middle of the sea, or in the area that is suitable for fishing. The fish that has been caught are more colorful, various shapes and odd.

Along the beach, there is a rocky pathways. Travelers can use it for jogging or just a slow walking while enjoying the beautiful sceneries. Besides that, riding a bicycle can be your other good choice to relish the view on the beach. The bicycle rental that is located around the beach offers you an affordable price. Tourists can rent it with only IDR 10.000 only for an hour. The best time to cycle is in the morning when the air is still fresh and the glamor sunrise scene.

The management of Semawang Beach provided you various of facilities around the beach area so travelers may feel much more comfortable. The facilities that you can find include: A pavilion for sitting down to have a rest, trash cans, canoe rental, boat rental, art shops, coffee shops, toilets and bathrooms, praying room and parking areas. Aside from providing those facilities, the management of Semawang is making sure about the cleanliness of the beach areas. This makes Semawang visitors from aboard feel comfortable to stay there.

Around the beach, there are also restaurants that will offer you food and fresh drinks. For instance, Bella Italian Sanur, Red Manna, Warung Beach Breeze, Warung Baby Monkeys, Paon International Restaurant and other fancy restaurants. If you are planning to stay overnight near Semawang Beach, there are also hotels that you might like to browse such as Semawang Beach Hotel, Abian Kokoro, RedDoorz Cemara Beach, Billa Puri Ayu, Kesumasari Hotel and other accommodation choices.