The tourist attraction of Padang Galak is one of the tourism area that is located at a starfish alley in the village of Kesiman and the subdistrict of south Denpasar, Bali Indonesia. The object attraction Padang Galak Beach in Kesiman Denpasar Bali is one of the crowded tourism area on the weekdays and on the weekends or during the holidays. This place is very beautiful and it could also gives a different sensation with our daily activities.

This tourist attraction has its own charm of beauty that is really interesting for people to visit. It would be a shame if you were in the city of Denpasar and did not visit the Padang Galak Beach tourist attraction in Kesiman, Denpasar, Bali which has unmatched beauty. The Padang Galak Beach tourism area is suitable to fill your holiday activities, especially during your long holidays in the paradise island such as national or other holidays. The beauty of Padang Galak beach excursion is good for all for them that lives near or far away from the location to come and visit Padang Galak Beach tourist area.

Where does Padang Galak beach located? As it was written above, the location of this tourism area is at the starfish alley which is on the southern Denpasar in the village of Kesiman. But, if you are still confuse about the location of this beautiful beach, we suggest you to use the Google Maps because they have marked the location on the map navigation. The distribution of the parking fees for motorcycles are IDR 3,000 only and IDR 5,000 for the car parking fees. Also, the operational time is 24 hours.

This tourist attraction has a black sand. Even though it is being concreted, Padang Galak Beach will not lose its beauty. Those arranging retaining concrete walls along the beach were paved so that it could be used as a jogging track. The jogging track has a quite distance to Matahari Terbit Beach and it is very suitable for those who want to exercise while enjoying the beauty.

Apart from being a jogging track activities morning and evening, this beach has a large area and a grassland. Therefore, Padang Galak Beach is usually use by a local residents and make it as a place to hold Melasti ceremony carried out by the Hindus. If you like seeing a giant kites, then Padang Galak Beach is the place to see the giant kite attractions, because in this beach, the big “Rare Angon” which means “shepherd child’s” event is often held.

Usually, shepherds flies their kites while tending their livestock to relieve their boredom. Therefore, the activity of flying the kites is a synonymous with Rare Angon which is an old Balinese tradition. To maintain this tradition, there will be a Kite Festival that will be attended from many banjars and also it would be held every year.

Padang Galak Beach is not just compatible for jogging and flying kites, it is acceptable as a surfing spot because the waves are quite “sharp and mean” for surfing lovers. One of the local people there said that they have seen many surfers come everyday to surf at that beach. Apart from doing those activities, this place is a great place to see the sunrise in the morning and just sitting around in the midday while waiting for the sunset.

The Padang Galak Beach tourist attraction can be said to be a beach tourist attraction that has several facilities and services including the following: Vehicle parking area, restaurants, accommodation homestay or hotels, jogging track, art shops, bathrooms, rest area and many others.

For visitors from Denpasar, they are no longer be confused about visiting this tourist attraction beach. However, what about visitors from outside of Bali or even aboard? Of course, they are confused and afraid of getting lost. But don’t worry, I have a solution for them so they don’t get lost. Surely, what means of transportation do you use to travel to this tourist destination by using private vehicles such cars or motorbikes. You could also ask for the direction to this destiny on Google Maps, because by using our own vehicles it would be more fun than using the public transportation.

If you come using the public transportation like public buses or other transportation, it’s not a big problem. because you can stop at the terminal on the southern city of Denpasar. After that, you can continue your ride by riding motorbike taxi or your private vehicle to Padang Galak beach at Kesiman.

There are several suggestions and tips while you are vacationing in Padang Galak Beach Bali: Before heading to your destination in Kesiman, be sure to monitor the weather forecast so it does not hinder your holiday. Not just that, you will need to prepare the things that you need to bring along with you such as bringing the important supplies, drinking water and other things you need as well as several additional items like camera because definitely you want to capture the moments together with your family and friends. Don’t forget to bring health requirements also if needed, for example: soap, wet tissue, medicine, antiseptic and etcetera. Prepare your physical body and vehicles so that you may enjoy your holiday and always be careful!