It seems like, there are no end discussing about the beautiful beaches in Bali. Again and again, a new tourist location has emerged that is attracting people’s attention, just say Pandawa and Padang-Padang Beach as the beaches that has currently become the main topic of the holiday destination that has been on the rise.

But actually, you don’t have to to go to far from Denpasar to enjoy the anti-mainstream beaches in Bali like Sanur and Kuta. It is comfortable just by walking east of Denpasar, to be precise south Sanur Beach. There is a quiet beach with a sloping coastline called Batu Jimbar and it is located on the same coastline as Sanur. However, the waves at Batu Jimbar Beach is much more calmer than other beaches, with the clearer blue sea and the stretches white sand. Travelers can relax and enjoy the warm and enjoy on the clean beach. Apart from swimming and relaxing, you can also try canoeing too!

The natural scenery is no less beautiful, Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan can be vaguely seen from in the distance. Occasionally, you can also see fishing boats going back and forth accompanied by seabirds flitting around them. A number of small animals such as crabs are often seen on this beautiful beach.

The residents there named it Jimbar Beach because it is located right in front of the Baju Jimbar Villa. Indeed, it is quite difficult to find the entrance to this beach. But don’t worry, there is no such thing as getting lost in Bali. The majority there are known to be friendly, and will be happy to help you by showing you the way to Batu Jimbar Beach. This beach will be more lively as the evening approaches. Tourist who spend the night in the Sanur area often spending their time walking on this beach until the night comes and gathered together under the shade of the moonlight.