Cemara Beach is one of captivating unique beach in Sanur village that is located in Cemara Street No. 35, Sanur, the sub-district of South Denpasar, Bali province. Cemara Beach looks unique from other beaches because of the existence of the spruce that sprouts along the beach creating a cool and pleasant atmosphere. As the name suggests, one of the main attractiveness of this beach is the spruce trees which sprouts along the beach. The pine trees also gives a unique nuance and provides a natural protection for travelers. Imagine you are walking relaxing under the pine tree shade while enjoying the beautiful beach scenery.

Coupled with the presence of the pine trees makes a cool comfortable on the beach. You can relish the ocean breeze while sitting down under the shady trees makes Pantai Cemara one of the best place to release your stress and just relaxing. Beside the pine trees, Cemara Beach has a smooth white sand and a relative calm waves. The expansive sea view and clear blue sky added to the visual appeal of this beach. At Cemara Beach, you can attend the activities such as swimming, sunbathing, walking coastwise or just sitting for relaxing while luxuriating the scene. The presence of the spruce trees also makes it an ideal place for a picnic or camping.

One of the highlights of Cemara Beach is its calm and peaceful atmosphere. If you are look for a seclude place that is not too crowded, then Cemara Beach is the right choice. Cemara Beach is an ideal tourist destination for those who want to feel the beauty of this place with its uniqueness. The presence of the pine or the spruce trees gives a different touch and makes this beach a memorial experience place. But as when visiting other tourist destinations, it is important to always maintain cleanliness and preserves the natural environment so that the beach is always clean and comfortable for other visitors.